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Sex is music to my ears, especially when I hear the sounds that my lover makes during a “69”.



Lisa woke up and wanted to fuck badly and needed to release a lot of built up stress. And the only way that she was accustomed to releasing her stress was by way of having an orgasm. It was her best medicine every time; and she was going to be on the prowl. She knew who turned on her sexual energy meter, but refused to accept it. She had scheduled an all-nighter jam session at the recording studio for tonight and she needed to release this stress before it began.

Samantha, who moved next door to Lisa a year ago, thought her neighbor was a mean-spirited, uptight, lackluster bitch who needed a great fuck. Who also happens to be the sexiest cunt that she has ever encountered. Sam, which she preferred to be called, just came out to her family, friends, and colleagues. She loved her new-found freedom and the ability to express who she is and her love for girls since kindergarten. Sam was pissed at herself because this “person” who made her feel undone, turning on all her sexual energy to levels she never thought she had, was living right next door to her.

The desire was too much to bear, and Sam knew that she had to take drastic measures when her body was getting too consumed and out of her control. It was like an exorcist had possessed her pussy, and it was yelling at her,  like Audrey II to Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors: “Feed me, Seymour, feed me.” Sam’s pussy was screaming, “Fuck me, Sam!!! Fuck me now!” Masturbation made her furious and more calculating. A victim was fast approaching, if she didn’t quench her sexual desire.

It was her roommate in college, Candice, who understood Sam’s plight because she too has a pussy that was possessed with nymphomatic behavior. Sam was a freshman and Candice was a junior and her upper-classman student advisor rep. Candice learned to control, dominate, and strictly manage her nymphish-pussy. When she wanted to fuck, it had to happen now. She never denied her pussy anything, or anyone. Whomever the victim was, through sight, sound, taste, or touch, they were put under a spell with no memory of the encounter.

Candice’s victims would literally get sucked in to pussy-mars, and once they were released, they were also drained and in a coma-like exhaustion with no memory of what happened. Sam entered her office, and instantly Candice’s flares went 100+ degrees and Sam laughed inside because she knew what she did to women or men who were near her. She once told Sam to always look for a challenge and strength because they will fuel our fiery desire and can help distinguish it.

Sam admitted that she is a pussy-sex addict and didn’t apologize about her uncontrollable desire for the pussy. The trick to her mastering the art of “catch & release” is to ignore the pussy until it gets a whiff  of her scent, energy, and is vying for her attention–like her rude-ass neighbor, Lisa. But Sam had her number, and she knew that she was about to come a-ringing.


Lisa has been working hard on her album and her pheromones were roaring. Lately, Sam and Lisa have been running into each other on the jogging path, at the grocery store, and in the laundry room and elevator in their building.

One night, after a stressful day at the office and implementing a new e-commerce system at work as the lead project manager, Sam couldn’t wait to get home, grab a glass of Chardonnay, and smoke her healthy, fancy blunt.

The elevator was packed, the door was closing, and Mr. Charles saw her and stuck out his hand to prevent it from closing. She heard the sound of impatient disgust, someone who was annoyed that she was being delayed a second. Sam had to get upstairs to drain her bladder in the worst way. Mr. Charles, who was 95 years old, lived on the third floor and smiled at Sam immediately and moved aside so that she could fit inside the elevator. She thanked Mr. Charles and offered him a kiss on the cheek, which made him blush; but it made her feel great because it gave him joy. If he wanted a blow job, she would have obliged because he has always been accommodating to her. And, he did like her especially perky big tits. He has not experienced a hard-on in years, until he met Samantha, and he was happy as hell.

Sam felt the hater bitch in the back of the elevator, but she could not see her. As soon as she entered the elevator, Lisa’s pussy lips started to throb, her nipples stiffened, and her breathing was getting out of control. She had to put this weird feeling in check immediately. Lisa was not happy about how Sam made her feel, especially of late, and detested her.

Once everyone exited from the elevator, it was Sam and Lisa at opposite ends of the elevator avoiding eye contact. Sam had the instinct to look over at her, and her eyes traveled from her feet to her eyes and Sam’s knees got weak. “This bitch is a sexy, monstrous-like bitch who needs to be fucked, immediately,” Sam thought. Just as she was about to divert her eyes, Lisa’s eyes locked on Sam and they stared at each other and silently became transfixed.

Their sexual energy was at a level that they both did not understand, but somehow knew they had to act fast and now. They charged at each other in a fierce, hungry kiss that became the passage that they both needed. The sounds of panting, sucking, thirsting for one another was obvious and the dislike from both was dispelled immediately.

They fell over in the elevator, onto the floor and were tearing at each other’s clothes. Sam grabbed Lisa’s face, whispered in her ear to calm her down and Lisa stopped and obeyed, following Sam into her apartment.

Lisa’s breathing was making Sam’s knees weaker than expected, but she had to take the lead because that is what Lisa’s energy was saying to her. Lisa’s entire body was making sounds; Sam listened intently and hungrily connected to each sound from her body with her lips, mouth, tongue, and energy. Sam peeled Lisa’s clothes off of her, and she collapsed into her arms; then she took her to her bed and laid her down.

Lisa started begging Sam to take her now. “Please,” she begged. Their lips locked hungrily, passionately, and connected them in harmony.


All Lisa remembered was Sam grabbing her furiously and sitting her onto her face with her long tongue eagerly wanting to enter her pussy. Lisa rode Sam’s tongue as it if was a stiff dick until she came inside her mouth, squirting down her throat. Sam became transfixed and locked her down deeper and harder so she could barely move on her face. Lisa exploded and exploded and exploded until she begged for mercy. Sam laid her down and made love to her entire body, which responded to every touch. #Oral #Pussy #Blowjob #Oralsex #HotLesbian #SexyLesbian


Sam called Candice and Justin for a private session; she was overdue…

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And she’s an EX girlfriend!

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Oh my God!!! Please tell me this is not happening; that this woman is unbelievable, fucking the shit out of me and I am truly enjoying it.

Noel and Autumn got so lost in one another that they found their way into a missionary position; kissing fervently and uncontrollably climaxing over and over again. Noel was swept up in the memories of their first time, and Autumn was reaping the benefits right there in the hotel room.

Minutes later, Noel asked Autumn to marry him and gave her a four-carat diamond canary ring. He knew he had never connected with anyone of this caliber, who accepted his other side. Because her penis was not massive, the perfect fit, it felt so natural, completely connected, and they climaxed again, together.

She kissed Noel lightly on his lips and thanked him for loving all of her and not making her feel like a freak or a misfit.

Noel replied that he loves her truly, even her “little Autumn.” She could do anything her heart desired, as long as it included “lil’ Autumn.”

Wow!! Autumn was very happy and joyous and expressed such to him. The fact that she would always let him suck lil’ Autumn and fuck him in the ass. What more could he possibly ask for?

Her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-type pussy handled all of me and begged for more. Her pussy choked the shit out of his dick, dripped on his balls, and they shared and delighted in the taste of his cum. In the real world, they had to fight to stay away from one another because they had important jobs that they loved and had to deliver. But when they had free time, (not often) they would fuck anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Her nipples squirted a sweet liquid that Noel loved, and he sucked on them as if she was breastfeeding him. Every time that they kissed, they were hungry for the other’s tongue and tried to swallow it.

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Noel and Autumn woke in each other’s arms as he kissed her gently and described “Santa’s Photo Shoot.” He told her that he’d been notified the female model canceled, and would she replace her? Earnestly, Autumn agreed. They showered, made love in the shower, and headed to the shoot. She was eager and game, with the one stipulation that her face was covered with a see-through red veil.

Santa and Rudolph were stranded in the snow, and she passed them by on a sled in a short Santa suit with no panties. She bent over in front of Santa, and he saw her beautiful ass and pussy from behind. Santa’s dick is hard, and Rudolph caught a glimpse, too, and his nose was a blazing, bright red. She lost her balance and fell backwards, legs spread open wide. Rudolph did not wait for Santa to help her up. His tongue found its way toward licking her pussy and lil’ Autumn. She climaxed and squirted all over his red nose. She was now on her knees, blowing Santa while Rudolph ate her ass out. His nose was making amazing strides, lighting up the whole world.

Hope you enjoyed Oral Satisfaction‘s 12 Days of Christmas!

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Noel and Autumn made love for the very first time that night, and she did not know how he was going to respond to her being intersex, having partial sets of both genitals. Noel pulled her very close to him, and caressed her hair, lips, breasts, lil’ Autumn and her blossoming flower. He tried to be conscious, to spend plenty of time on her little penis, but he wanted to suck her until she came in his mouth. Noel spread Autumn’s legs wide and found his tongue going deeper and deeper inside her pussy. His hand was stimulating the head of her penis; she was hard and dripping down his arm. Noel could not take it anymore and found his mouth making love to her penis. Autumn was so engrossed in his love-making that she was fucking his fingers hard and begging him to please enter her.

He had to pull himself away from his lil’ friend and was throbbing with pure unadulterated excitement. When he pulled his pants down, and Autumn looked at his man-sized cock, she licked her lips with delight. She pushed Noel down onto the bed and made her way over to his penis. Her mouth was like butter, gliding all over his body and manhood. Her lips felt like baby oil on his penis and shaft, and he grabbed her ferociously and kissed her. Autumn laughed and eased herself down onto his penis. Noel passed the fuck out, or so he thought because her pussy took all of his dick like a champion. Because it was so wet and juicy and relaxed, Noel eased into her ever so slowly. Her pussy was choking the shit out of his manhood, and he was fighting back screams. As she was riding him, her index finger found its way into his asshole. Since Noel did not resist her, she got off of him, turned him over and entered his ass with her penis.

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If only she would spread her legs; her hand is covering her silky patch pussy. As she removed her hands and spread her legs wide on the bed, Noel had frozen in time and almost fainted.

His eyes jumped out of his head, and he started to tear up. Noel had been shocked and bewildered by what he saw before him. Autumn was beautiful, and Noel wanted to hold her in his arms forever. Autumn had a nice-size penis protruding out of her vagina. His dick had started to rise nice and tall and began dripping. All he had wanted to do was to suck that dick, feel it deep inside his ass, and be inside that dripping pussy. Holy shit!! He remembered thinking. I have died and gone to heaven. My girl got a pussy and a dick.

Autumn had started pleasuring herself and began tossing and turning. He had turned the light off and acted like he was sleeping. He did not want her to catch him staring and getting turned on by her actions.

But he definitely did not want her to come alone; so he had grabbed her and nestled her in his arms to kiss her gently on the cheek. She woke panting and dripping wet, and had covered herself up quickly. She whispered that she’d had a bad dream and apologized. Noel had told her no need to apologize and wiped her tears away.

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I have yet to meet the pussy that can handle this beautiful dick, and I pray that Autumn is the woman who can handle it. Autumn is bi-racial, just like Noel. Her mom is Black, and Dad is Italian. His Dad was black, and mom is Italian. They both speak Italian, French, English, and Spanish fluently. They are both very sexual and believe in going deep, where there are never any inhibitions ever!

What Noel loves about Autumn is that she actually paid attention to the details on every photo shoot. She was genuinely a pure sweetheart, professional, and an amazing stylist/makeup artist to the stars. He had no idea what she was hiding about her sexuality, as he was with his. He is bisexual and hopes Autumn is, too.

He remembered a day when Autumn slept over after a 12-hour photo shoot; she was having a hot, sexy dream. Noel only knew because her moans woke him up out of sleep. She was in a deep trance and moaning out loud. “Noel, please, please, Noel, I need you to fuck me now. Baby, please, stop teasing me. I know you have a huge, massive cock. If we take our time, I can and will handle all of it in my pussy. My pussy, once stimulated, will drip like the Victorian Falls. It stays juicy and never ever dries out.” Noel had turned on the lamp by his side of the bed to watch her. He was turned the fuck on and started to massage his lil’ Noel. She was breathtakingly stunning.

Maybe she can handle all of me.

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Noel’s manhood was begging him to please introduce her to his hard Rock of Gibraltar. He thought to himself, Trust me, I crave to be inside of her as she is definitely a keeper. But he knew the time was not right because he wanted to draw her in. It’s only been six months, and he was ready to pop the question. She was his dream fantasy: blond, big real perky tits, a Black sistah’s ass and lips.

My kind of mama, he chuckled to himself, feisty and loving like a sistah’s. And she has a penis that he secretly craved in his mouth and ass. He was not letting her go. Most women don’t hang around because his dick is massively huge, and they can’t handle it (14 inches long and 12 inches in diameter). But one of his special talents is only giving a woman the size that she can handle. He can give her 9”, 10”, 11”, etc.

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Did you miss Day 6?

Noel smiled at Autumn, and motioned for her to come to him. She easily did what she was told, and he kissed her. He held her close to him and buried his face in her lap. He whispered through his telephone conversation that she smelled great and looked refreshed. They smiled together as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“That’s fine, Charlie, an excellent idea. Perfect. Fine, I will see you first thing in the morning, near the China Bowl. 8 a.m. is great. Goodbye,’” Noel said, then hung up the phone and kissed Autumn again. He asked about the massage and said that he missed her and was hungry.

Autumn blushed and told him that her much-needed massage was “heavenly”, kissed him back and said that she missed him as well.

She told him she could eat a horse and they ordered lunch, kissed again, and then Noel described tomorrow’s ‘Santa photo shoot.’ He stated that everyone has arrived with the exception of the female model. There had been no word from her, “This, of course, is pissing me off,” stated Noel. Autumn told him that it would all work out, and that she will show up. She was the key ingredient for the photo shoot that involved her, Santa, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Lunch arrived and they ate humongous, delicious cheeseburgers, stake fries, and drank Dr. Pepper.

Noel and I love drinking Dr. Pepper; the best drink ever created, she thought.

After they ate, Noel viewed his masterfully constructed photo shoot blueprint that gave him a snapshot of the overall time required for a specific shoot. This also gave him a rough estimate of what to invoice his client for billable hours. He laid out for her each scene, props, ‘the female-model’, Santa, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Autumn was getting turned on again as she watched Noel work, but she needed to stay focused.

He asked about her four-handed massage. She told him it was much-needed and how she squirted a few times. After apologizing to him, he took her hand and covered her mouth with his lips; then he said, “no need to apologize,” as he understood.

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