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What is your definition of a #WET #ASS #PUSSY…? Do you like entering the pussy dry, with no sexual foreplay…?  A #Wet ASS Pussy, is to a dripping mouth sucking on a dick.  The Dick wants and craves A WET ASS PUSSY!! If you are not loving on the PUSSY, to get her flowing like the Victorian Falls…you are not doing your job; and have failed in the process of getting the PUSSY READY FOR THE DICK.

Since I can remember, when I was twelve years old I figured out a way to have an orgasm without literally touching myself.  The takeaway…It felt amazing because it was very wet between my legs and made my body feel good.  When I matured I learned the importance of having an orgasm and how sensitive certain body parts are. My wet pussy never failed me…and I realized the importance of having a wet pussy; especially right before sex, during sex; that leads definitely to a climactic explosive WET PUSSY orgasm.

Ladies, know your worth in that you should NEVER treat your pussy just as a “hole”  to plug; or only to please the DICK.  Au ‘Contraire.  For me personally, I have NEVER thought that my pussy was just a hole to plug; but a beautiful Lotus Flower that “I” decide who is worthy to enter and enjoy immensely MY WET ASS PUSSY.

I am aware that sometimes you might not be in the mood but you want to satisfy your spouse or partner…I do get.  However, try to have a conscious effort that when he enters; that your pussy is dripping wet, and he has fallen into your heavenly Lotus Flower; making him feign for more.

This is how you capitalize on your power and control your pussy; even if it’s for a “quicky”.  Your ultimate goal is to still achieve an orgasm with a quicky, especially if your MIND is focused, your WET ASS PUSSY is soaked to the nine, it’s sizzling, and welcomes the beautiful dick…let him ride; until you chocked that dick until he cries for mercy.


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Safe Sexy Pillow Talk


A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationship found that the more comfortable we are talking about sex, the more satisfactory our sex lives become.

Talking about sex is scary territory for most people. But most partners will try a little safe dirty talk, which begins to OPEN the lines of communication behind closed doors. It also makes for more passionate intimacy.

One of the most common questions I get across genders is, “How do I talk dirty without it being weird?” 

So when trusted hot sex advisor to millions, Susan Bratton wrote a mercifully short-but-punchy new ebook on Dirty Talk I wanted to get it to you immediately.

DIRTY TALK <= Download Now

You won’t find this kind of sage advice on Cosmo or Men’s Health. Not only do you get done-for-you phrases to steal, Susan gives you concepts and frameworks you can rely on to always know what to say — even in the heat of the moment.


This sweet and sassy lil’ ebook comes with a set of five Dirty Talk videos that show:

  • How To Talk Dirty Without Feeling Weird
  • A Dirty Talk Secret Trick
  • Dirty Talk Fantasies
  • Recognizing Your and Your Lover’s Dirty Talk Style
  • The Five Essentials For Dirty Talk

This is brand new and I don’t know how long she will let me give it away for free. So grab it now.

DIRTY TALK <= Download Now

The quality of Susan’s material is always top notch and I love learning from her myself.

Gifts That Keep On Giving,


P.S. Her sex tips are hot, sexy and creative.

DIRTY TALK <= Download Now


🐎 This Western Sexual Secret Keeps You Hard As A Stallion – For Hours…

ATTENTION: Men Who Want To Become Phenomenal Lovers…

Let me share a secret with you:

Believe it or not…

Women instinctively know which man can make them “give it up” in bed – and which men have been “castrated” by porn… bad sexual technique… or lack of sexual confidence.

They either run away – screaming – or cheat behind your back!

Yet when a woman meets one of these male “stallions”… all she wants to do is worship him like the sexual god he is. And to give him gift after gift of her sexuality – surrendering to him in orgasm.

Take it from me: When you know – I mean know – how to please a woman… they can smell it on you like expensive cologne.

You literally become in a league of your own. And women flock to you for sex.

Your wife or girlfriend will adore you for giving her the level of sexual pleasure her body and soul desires, and that no other man can possibly give her.

And… believe it or not… there’s a simple way to use your body to bring ANY woman to the edge, over and over and over.

It’s called the “Stallion’s Secret.” And you can discover it for yourself, right here:

Watch The Stallion’s Secret Video Right Here ⇐ Register With Your Name And Email (It’s Safe And Easy!)

(Why the “Stallion”? It’s because the stallions are the only horses who can breed… the other male horses get castrated! They’re just not “good enough,” in bed.)


International sexuality trainer and men’s coach Jim Benson, together with hot sex advisor to millions worldwide, Susan Bratton are teaching the Stallion’s Secret to guys who want to become phenomenal lovers.

There’s nobody else I would trust with learning all-natural, body-based pleasure escalation techniques other than these two.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the video:

The Stallion’s Secret to Staying Hard For As Long As You Want – And As Long As She Wants – AND Have Complete Ejaculatory Choice So You And Your Lover Can Experience As Much Pleasure As Your Bodies Can Handle…(This Is The ONLY Way You Can Achieve Multiple Simultaneous Orgasms!)

Sometimes you get that anxious feeling whether or not you’re truly pleasing her in the moment (all guys experience this)… it’s starting to hurt your performance and she’s noticing! HURRY! Here’s the Emergency “SENSE” Technique To Clear Your Head And Give You The Unstoppable Sexual Stallion Confidence You Need To Keep Giving Immense Amounts Of Pleasure…

Phenomenal sex can only go so long without a distraction popping up, and we all know distractions are DEADLY during lovemaking… Jim And Susan Will Show You How The Distraction Destroyer Trick And The “Easy Ask” Technique, Both Work In Tandem To Give You Laser-Sharp Focus And Have Your Body Pulsating With Pleasure On Command…

How You Can Last For Hours & Hours…  ⇐ Just Enter Your Name And Email To Get Immediate Access

Tatiana, Your Tap-Out-Queen


Non-Stop Sex For Hours… (Here’s How)

Here’s a secret:

I know what your woman wants…

… And it can be easy to give her:

When she’s at work, fantasizing about coming home to be with you… she’s always thinking the same thing:

“I wish we could make love forever.”

TF 2

I mean, just go at it nonstop for hours and hours. All day and all night long. Just stopping to grab a quick bite to eat, replenish yourselves with some cool drinks and just go back at it again.

That would be amazing.

Thing is, when the pleasure levels get too high, and it just feels so damn good… she’s moaning, biting her lip and screaming your name… you’re thrusting deep inside her with all you’ve got…

And you’re bordering on the edge of an explosive climax…It just feels so tempting to let it all go and shower her with all your love.

But you can’t. Because if you do, the sex is all over.

And you’re forced to sit back, catch your breath and wait for the next round of energy.

Well, not anymore.

Now it’s completely possible for guys to make wild, passionate, heart-connected love to their woman for hours and hours, experience multiple orgasms and STILL keep going.

All without losing a single drop of stamina.

Here’s how…

Can You Be Better In Bed With This “Tuning Fork” Technique? ⇐ Sign Up To Watch The Video Presentation

My good friends Susan Bratton (trusted hot sex advisor to millions worldwide) and Jim Benson (international men’s sexuality trainer) are revealing what they call the Tuning Fork Technique.

It’s a totally new way of experiencing intercourse for both men and women.

For men, this technique lets you last as long as you desire and have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms in a single lovemaking session.

For women, you get to experience a more heart-centered, passionate experience with your man as his focus and attention is all on you and giving you as much pleasure as you can handle… and more.

No distractions.

No weird things to do with your hands.

No interruptions and abrupt endings.

SEE THE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION ⇐ Change The Way You And Your Partner Make Love Forever

“Our normal sex pattern was 30 minutes of conscious effort for one orgasm for me and then he could come. Now our lovemaking is dramatically and radically different. In 30 minutes you can’t tell how many orgasms there are for both of us.”

Tatiana,  Your Tap-Out-Queen

P.S. Look, it’s in every man’s interest to last much, much longer so he can experience more pleasure, while also GIVING more pleasure to his woman.

The drawback is, a lot of the stuff out there aren’t really great options.

Distracting yourself takes you out of the heat and passion of the moment. Numbing yourself with multiple condoms or creams takes pleasure away from sex. And masturbating before sex, well you’re just cheating yourself out of a great climax while penetrating her.

This is a completely different approach.

You do this technique in fluid motion WHILE you’re penetrating deep inside her. And you don’t have to think hard about doing it… and it keeps you hard while you’re doing her. That’s why you’re able to give her your full attention — the attention she CRAVES from you during lovemaking.

I know you’re interested. You should be. Click the link below to get more details.

LAST AS LONG AS YOU WANT ⇐ Revolutionary New Thrust Technique Takes Sex To A Whole New Level


3 Sexy Bedroom Moves

In this very short e-book, my gorgeous friend, Susan Bratton, hot sex advisor to millions of satisfied couples shares three easy ways you can be instantly sexier and more appealing, feel more pleasure and connect more deeply.

These are three simple moves you can make in the bedroom to experience the kinds of uninhibited sex…

…that makes a woman have multiple orgasms that keep getting more intense and pleasurable

…until she is simply so satisfied that she is thanking you with deep love in her eyes.

She shares the three most powerful techniques she learned in the last 10 years of studying what makes relationships highly sensual and erotic.

These are three proven and personally tested techniques used successfully by over a million couples.

She has thousands of testimonials from lovers who’ve incorporated these techniques into their lovemaking and had incredible experiences.

These three techniques are fast, easy and simple. You can teach them to your lover and doubly increase the amount of passion and pleasure you feel together.

What’s great is they don’t cost a cent, they’re easy for everyone to do and available all the time.

It takes almost zero effort to skyrocket your bliss.

And these three techniques will help you have incredibly orgasmic, erotic sex.

All three are already inside you waiting to be unleashed.

I guarantee you will love the 3 secrets she shares in her free downloadable ebook, “How To Be Instantly Hotter & Sexier In Bed.” ⇐ Get It

Susan is a champion of all people who want more passionate lovemaking and her techniques are the sexiest!

Enjoy the book with my compliments.

I’m looking forward to trying these three techniques out myself.

Skyrockets In Flight,

P.S. When you enter your name and email to download this awesome report, don’t worry about joining Susan’s mailing list. She gives away incredible, sexy content and you can easily one-click unsubscribe anytime. Susan Bratton is a trusted friend. “How To Be Instantly Hotter & Sexier In Bed.” ⇐ Get It Now





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