Baby, ride me like a stalian
Fuck mi like a number one
Bet yo speak in a tongues
When mi use mi c-key play guitar wid yo lungs
Hey gyal mi a go shift yo womb
When yo feel the length a the broom
Transform like Tarzan
Bet yuh never get such f from a maga man


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This is going to be a #Superstar year from me, and my awesome brand #Oralicious. Why? You might ask? Because the official New York Book launch of #Oralicious is scheduled on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at the #MuseumOfSex.

The beauty of #Sex, is when you allow your mind, and bodies to naturally enjoy it’s rightful pleasures; like oral sex.  Who don’t want an #OFS (Orgasm For Sure)?

‘We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.’ -Marilyn Monroe


Remember, this is going to be an #ORGASMIC Year!!!


#Kudos to my 42.5K Viewers, and 25.6K Visitors who was #Brave, authentic, and open minded from the very beginning offering your support of my #OralSex Blog about the #Joys, #Pleasures, and Rewards of Oral Sex.

Champagne Bottle erotic 1.20.16

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Knowing that OralSex is about kissing, foreplay, passion and openly giving sexual pleasures freely for the sake of your partner.  That’s awesome.  You’re not afraid to venture into the wonderful world of oral sex; and the explosive rewards that are for you to have freely.

So, I am asking you this year especially…This is the year to #Focus, Plan and Execute what you are passionate about.  I was passionate about getting Oralicious completed, and it’s a work of art that I am very proud of. Because I conveyed in the simplest of terms; how our bodies are design to enjoy sexual pleasure with what we have…our 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell).

Get on your #Grind, or find a #Hustle, so that you can improve your cash flow,  and achieve and accomplish your dream.  So, stop looking for excuses, or reason’s why you have not started your own business, or bring your idea to fruition.

#Oralicious, is my latest brand that I am very proud of;  which happens to be my #Lipstick brand that I will soon launch. However, I decided to utilize my book to showcase the artistic logo design; and what a winner.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Oralicious is definitely the perfect gift to share with your loved one; and achieve orgasm for sure (OFS) together.



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A Great way to bring in the New Year by having an explosive #Orgasm For Sure (#OFS). #Oralicious wants you to give and receive the best ever oral sex that you can imagine.

Oral Satisfaction

Champagne Bottle erotic 1.20.16 Source: Pinterest

Who does not enjoy #OralSex…?

If a manual car clutch can enjoy the likes of #OralSex, so can you.

To learn all about the Joys, Pleasure, and Rewards of Oral Sex pick up a copy of my eBook on Amazon today.



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It is so refreshing to find someone else confirming that our 5 senses does play a major role in achieving an orgasm for sure (#OFS). Excellent blog post.

Naughty Lifestyle Guide

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex |  Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

Using Your 5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex

Having great sex is about so much more than just the physical aspects. You have to look at sex as an holistic being – that is, you need to pay equal attention to every aspect of it in order to achieve the ultimate satisfaction. This is easier for women because we naturally use all of our senses in day to day activities, so by becoming more in tune with them during sex is going to make those elusive orgasms a lot easier to come by – literally!

5 Senses For Mind Blowing Sex | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

1. Sense of sight

Of course, the physical attraction of your partner is an important part of sex, but you can also use other visual stimuli to make sex more intense. Surround your bedroom with erotic photos, watch a porn movie together, or dress yourself in sexy lingerie when your lover comes over. Join a…

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Read about the #Joys, #Pleasures and #Rewards of #OralSex in Tatiana’s latest book, #Oralicious.

Oral Satisfaction

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” – Marilyn Monroe, Life Magazine Interview with Richard Meryman 17 Aug 1967.

“Our bodies are designed to enjoy unadulterated pleasure from one another or even from ourselves.  When humans are mentally satisfied, our bodies function better.  When we release healthy body fluids by way of orgasms, our bodies are jumping for joy!” – Excerpt from my book Oral Satisfaction, “The joys, pleasures and rewards of oral sex”


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Adina Howard voice has always had the ability to stimulate your sexual core with her electrifying voice, and sexiness. It was time to reblog for you to enjoy. Also, enjoy Tatiana’s latest book Oralicious – The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy and Passion. Happy Holiday!!!

Oral Satisfaction

Source: Source:

Staying butt naked is definitely music to my ears, and soothing to my eyes.  Sexy Adina Howard always sings in a sultry, seductive manner that will bring a dead man back to life.  Her soulful, alluring voice is baby-making music.

I love how she sings about the beauty seen in front of her, as her sexual energy is feeding off of her delight for the body.Ms. Howard knows how to love on and appreciate the true essence of a beautiful-ass, delectable male body (Just look at hers!).  ;o)  Hot!!!

It’s so perfect tonight
You and me alone, stay naked
Come here, stay butt naked

I’m sitting here lookin’ at your body
Baby, baby, baby
I’ve never seen something so beautiful here
Lately, lately, lately
I love the way the candles are bringing out your skin tone
Baby, baby, baby
Don’t ever put your clothes on…

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Sensual Sex is always a plus during #oralsex, because you get the chance to savor the sight, sound, taste, touch and smell of the #Pussy or #Penis.

Oral Satisfaction

Roses are red;
Orchids are white.
If you eat my pussy,
I promise to open wide!

Source: Tatiana's 'Oral Satisfaction' Pinterest Board Source: Tatiana’s ‘Oral Satisfaction’ Pinterest Board

With no rhyme or reason, oral sex is often seen as a low-brow or dirty sexual act–when in fact it is the most poetic. It’s the most expressive and intimate of the non-intercourse sex acts; it is putting yourself in a lower position to please another. There is nothing sexier or more poetic than putting yourself before the altar of passion!

Tatiana’s Latest Book: Oralicious

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