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Autumn telephoned the concierge and made a reservation for a four-handed reflexology, aromatherapy message that could be scheduled immediately.   She ran over to Noel, kissed him firmly on the lips, grabbed her belongings and headed to the Cascade Spa.  As she entered, her hormones were blazing and she needed to fuck in the worst way.  She truly missed having her pussy eaten, fucked and sucked by trusted friends who were eager and interested in doing her a solid with their manhood inside her aching, waiting pussy.  Autumn wanted to fuck now, and in a minute, it would be with whomever. She loved to fuck, have oral and anal sex on a continuous basis, and climax daily.  However, since she met Noel she had shut down her sex escapades because Autumn only desires Noel.  But, shit, how long does she have to wait to feel his huge, inviting cock in her pen-puss?

I’ll be patient. I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that truly loves all of me, she thought.

Noel and Autumn had a great deal in common; they are both bi-racial, love anything erotic and, most especially, sucking dick.  He had yet to confess this deep dark secret, but Autumn felt confident in this because of how he responds when he is photographing male models.

As Autumn sat in the spacious, exotic waiting room with a scent in the air that woke up all of her erogenous zones, she was ready to fuck.  Forget the massage; she was ripped, ready to explode, and wanted to do it now. Most people did not know about her very strong sixth sense.  Autumn’s pheromones were like a magnet seductively drawing anyone into her erotic, sexual world unbeknownst to them.   It was obvious Autumn was about to have a fucking amazing time with the two female masseuses the spa appointed her.  Their chemistry was on point and locked in; and they were not about to turn away from it.

Sophia and Sasha introduced themselves and approached Autumn to escort her into the Russian tea room; they handed her a jasmine, honeysuckle tea that immediately calmed her sexual awakenings. She sat in front of the fireplace and a beautiful waterfall. She did not want to leave this atmosphere because everything was so tranquil and loving.  They went to prepare a massage room and returned with a big fluffy bathrobe and slippers.  Their smiles were illuminated and inviting toward her spirit.

I want to fuck them, she thought to herself, and I shall.

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