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If only she would spread her legs; her hand is covering her silky patch pussy. As she removed her hands and spread her legs wide on the bed, Noel had frozen in time and almost fainted.

His eyes jumped out of his head, and he started to tear up. Noel had been shocked and bewildered by what he saw before him. Autumn was beautiful, and Noel wanted to hold her in his arms forever. Autumn had a nice-size penis protruding out of her vagina. His dick had started to rise nice and tall and began dripping. All he had wanted to do was to suck that dick, feel it deep inside his ass, and be inside that dripping pussy. Holy shit!! He remembered thinking. I have died and gone to heaven. My girl got a pussy and a dick.

Autumn had started pleasuring herself and began tossing and turning. He had turned the light off and acted like he was sleeping. He did not want her to catch him staring and getting turned on by her actions.

But he definitely did not want her to come alone; so he had grabbed her and nestled her in his arms to kiss her gently on the cheek. She woke panting and dripping wet, and had covered herself up quickly. She whispered that she’d had a bad dream and apologized. Noel had told her no need to apologize and wiped her tears away.

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