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Noel and Autumn made love for the very first time that night, and she did not know how he was going to respond to her being intersex, having partial sets of both genitals. Noel pulled her very close to him, and caressed her hair, lips, breasts, lil’ Autumn and her blossoming flower. He tried to be conscious, to spend plenty of time on her little penis, but he wanted to suck her until she came in his mouth. Noel spread Autumn’s legs wide and found his tongue going deeper and deeper inside her pussy. His hand was stimulating the head of her penis; she was hard and dripping down his arm. Noel could not take it anymore and found his mouth making love to her penis. Autumn was so engrossed in his love-making that she was fucking his fingers hard and begging him to please enter her.

He had to pull himself away from his lil’ friend and was throbbing with pure unadulterated excitement. When he pulled his pants down, and Autumn looked at his man-sized cock, she licked her lips with delight. She pushed Noel down onto the bed and made her way over to his penis. Her mouth was like butter, gliding all over his body and manhood. Her lips felt like baby oil on his penis and shaft, and he grabbed her ferociously and kissed her. Autumn laughed and eased herself down onto his penis. Noel passed the fuck out, or so he thought because her pussy took all of his dick like a champion. Because it was so wet and juicy and relaxed, Noel eased into her ever so slowly. Her pussy was choking the shit out of his manhood, and he was fighting back screams. As she was riding him, her index finger found its way into his asshole. Since Noel did not resist her, she got off of him, turned him over and entered his ass with her penis.

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