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“Shame-free, frequent sexual pleasure is every man and woman’s birthright”
– Susan Bratton

Blow Job Aficionado

Susan Bratton a “Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions, speaks openly about oral sex, and how women can utilize a man’s dick as a wonderful tool to enhance their pleasure journey. She said that there are benefits in sucking dick, and that you should want to suck dick in a skillful manner that grants sexual energy in both men and women during sex.

Susan Bratton is a champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships. Considered the “Dear Abby of Sex,” Susan’s fresh approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion.

“Susan’s straight-talking, fearless approach is rooted in her personal experience of watching her sex life wither while she and her husband pursued dynamic careers. Susan is CEO and co-founder (with her husband) of Personal Life Media. Through her company, Susan has authored 20 books including Relationship Magic, The Passion Patch and 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic, as well as her International #1 Amazon best-seller, Sexual Soulmates: The 6 Essentials for Connected Sex.”

“Susan has also created and published numerous online courses including her wildly popular Revive Her Drive and Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Collection, as well as programs such as: Seduction Trilogy, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men, Female Liquid Orgasm, and Keep Her Coming.”

“Millions of couples and singles have been touched by her TV appearances, and Better Lover YouTube channel. Through her Insider’s Club newsletter at Personal Life, Susan gives away, free of charge, countless MP3 audios, videos, articles, and ebooks.”

“After 25 years of marriage, I know from experience that deep, passionate intimacy with my partner is priceless: a priority that tops my list of must-haves alongside good health and the love of family and friends. I have made it my mission to aid anyone who wants the kind of lovemaking that improves with age.”

Podcast Interview with Susan Bratton


Source: "Randoms" Pinterest Board

Source: “Randoms” Pinterest Board

Oral sex is to life as air is to breathing…it’s much needed and relaxes your atmosphere.  A balanced life is a healthy life, which includes many pleasurable things to offset life’s challenges.  Sex, whether it’s through intercourse, therapy, or oral, does bring about pleasure and satisfaction.  The one true element that they all have in common is trying to achieve sexual pleasure at the end of the movie.

I applaud those who are bold and audacious at wanting to please their partner sexually through any means necessary. Do you have a favorite oral sex position; if so, what is it?  Today’s oral sex clipart does not hold back, and I love all of the positions. Of which, I have tried each and every one of them, achieving an OFS.

What is so lovely about oral sex is that it is sensuous, erotic, and enjoyable for the most part.  Granted, your mind is the biggest sex organ that exists on your body; but your mouth, lips, and tongue are so wicked and deliciously naughty.  Love it!!!

Source: Popeye Wong on devianART.

Source: Popeye Wong on deviantART

Recently, my Italian Lulu was having difficulty climaxing, and, of course, I love a challenge.  I told him to relax, and that I will make him climax.  His staying power on this particular evening was simply AMAZING, and the explosion rocked my world and pussy.  WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING!!! It was now my turn to take care of my man…and I did just that.

Selfishly, I continued to suck, lick, stroke, and make endless love to his dick, which I truly do enjoy.  Deep throated him a few times, which made him grab my head and fuck my mouth as if it was my pussy.  But we were not done.  I rode him like a champion race horse…and we both truly enjoyed that race.  But, we were not done.  We kissed sensuously, cuddled and caressed each other passionately as we enjoyed the erotic, harmonious atmosphere.

I crawled down toward the end near his feet, turned my back toward him, and sat on his still erect, beautiful penis.  His moans were music to my ears and the energy that I needed for this next race.  I was sure to win! I rocked slowly back and forth, squeezing my pussy walls, choking the shit out of his penis.  His moans were growing loader and more intense.  He confessed that his dick loves my pussy and that this position allows his dick to go deeper inside.  I told him in a sexy, lustful voice, “I am here to please you, baby.”  I could feel his body and smile from the back of my head, which warmed my heart.

I knew it was time to bring him home and I did just that.  I rode him long, hard, and fast clenching my Pink Ice walls until he could no longer breathe; he climaxed, and I rode him again, harder and deeper until he tapped out and pulled me next to him to lay beside him.  I smiled and was truly proud of my accomplishment.

Ladies, never give up and know that you can go the distance as the rewards are simply gratifying and rewarding for you both.  By the way – I climaxed again and dripped down the shaft of his penis onto his balls.  He grabbed me, kissed me passionately, and we fell asleep happy and content.

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