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Non-Stop Sex For Hours… (Here’s How)

Here’s a secret:

I know what your woman wants…

… And it can be easy to give her:

When she’s at work, fantasizing about coming home to be with you… she’s always thinking the same thing:

“I wish we could make love forever.”

TF 2

I mean, just go at it nonstop for hours and hours. All day and all night long. Just stopping to grab a quick bite to eat, replenish yourselves with some cool drinks and just go back at it again.

That would be amazing.

Thing is, when the pleasure levels get too high, and it just feels so damn good… she’s moaning, biting her lip and screaming your name… you’re thrusting deep inside her with all you’ve got…

And you’re bordering on the edge of an explosive climax…It just feels so tempting to let it all go and shower her with all your love.

But you can’t. Because if you do, the sex is all over.

And you’re forced to sit back, catch your breath and wait for the next round of energy.

Well, not anymore.

Now it’s completely possible for guys to make wild, passionate, heart-connected love to their woman for hours and hours, experience multiple orgasms and STILL keep going.

All without losing a single drop of stamina.

Here’s how…

Can You Be Better In Bed With This “Tuning Fork” Technique? ⇐ Sign Up To Watch The Video Presentation

My good friends Susan Bratton (trusted hot sex advisor to millions worldwide) and Jim Benson (international men’s sexuality trainer) are revealing what they call the Tuning Fork Technique.

It’s a totally new way of experiencing intercourse for both men and women.

For men, this technique lets you last as long as you desire and have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms in a single lovemaking session.

For women, you get to experience a more heart-centered, passionate experience with your man as his focus and attention is all on you and giving you as much pleasure as you can handle… and more.

No distractions.

No weird things to do with your hands.

No interruptions and abrupt endings.

SEE THE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION ⇐ Change The Way You And Your Partner Make Love Forever

“Our normal sex pattern was 30 minutes of conscious effort for one orgasm for me and then he could come. Now our lovemaking is dramatically and radically different. In 30 minutes you can’t tell how many orgasms there are for both of us.”

Tatiana,  Your Tap-Out-Queen

P.S. Look, it’s in every man’s interest to last much, much longer so he can experience more pleasure, while also GIVING more pleasure to his woman.

The drawback is, a lot of the stuff out there aren’t really great options.

Distracting yourself takes you out of the heat and passion of the moment. Numbing yourself with multiple condoms or creams takes pleasure away from sex. And masturbating before sex, well you’re just cheating yourself out of a great climax while penetrating her.

This is a completely different approach.

You do this technique in fluid motion WHILE you’re penetrating deep inside her. And you don’t have to think hard about doing it… and it keeps you hard while you’re doing her. That’s why you’re able to give her your full attention — the attention she CRAVES from you during lovemaking.

I know you’re interested. You should be. Click the link below to get more details.

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When you incorporate your 5 Senses into Oral Sex, the end results can be Orgasmic


Because your 5 Senses are already working overtime, let’s take a closer look at this intoxicating photo for instant…

  • Sight – Are you focusing on the color of her pink panties or her pussy?
  • Sound – Just by looking at this photo, does it make you want to moan with desire?
  • Taste – Do you want to taste her candy-stripes or her pussy?
  • Touch – The look on her face is inviting you to be daring, and touch her…but, you have to know how to touch her…you got it…gently, and ever so slowly to get her pussy gushing with wetness.
  • Smell – Can you image what her pussy smell likes…a bed of roses?

Our 5 Senses plays a major role in the art of sex, foreplay, love making and of course oral sex.  You can’t have oral sex without the tongue, mouth and lips; Daah! Without incorporating our 5 senses into our Pleasure Journey, we can really miss out on the joys, wonders and rewards of great sex, and/or oral sex.

Want to learn more…

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.


“I have “6” gum balls in my mouth, and I feel comfortable” – Wendy Williams


Get comfortable like #WendyWilliams, and learn how to enjoy the pleasures of #OralSex.

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

Source: "Libra, The Artist" Pinterest Board

Source: “Libra, The Artist” Pinterest Board

Busted! You like sex and should not apologize or feel embarrassed about it.  Actually, I am proud of you, that you refuse to hide behind the iron curtain of sexual shame because you like and enjoy sucking cock or eating pussy.  First and foremost, it burns calories and is not fattening.  ;o) And what is so special about liking and wanting to perform oral sex is that…IT’S NATURAL.  You are not doing the body any harm, but releasing and relieving your body of stress and more stress.

When you have an orgasm, you are releasing healthy endorphins that burn calories and fat.  WOW, that’s awesome!  According to the zodiac listing above, we all like sex.  Some of you are more in tune with your sexuality than others, but the one central thing that we ALL have in common is sex. In the United States, the BIGGEST and most dominating industry is PORN.  I wonder why…

Let’s stop denying our flesh and learn to love on our bodies and our partner’s body, which brings peace, joy, hope, and climactic happiness.

Source: "ooh baby" Pinterest Board

Source: “ooh baby” Pinterest Board

Experience some of your own climactic happiness by picking up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, from Kindle for your computer, tablet, or phone!

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Art Laundry Image by Ella Tjader

Ella Tjader

Only the strong will survive the attempt at trying to love a female Scorpio.  They love hard, don’t believe in games when it comes to the heart, love for keeps, don’t tolerate bullshit, have no problem checking your ass, and if you piss her off…

Source:  Sha Brooks 'Scorpio' Pinterest Board

Source: Sha Brooks
‘Scorpio’ Pinterest Board

Let me explain…

A Scorpio will die of self before it surrenders to their foe.  There are three zodiac signs that I will use as my example and common behavior of such:

  • Leo (male) & Scorpio (me) – Bad choice because the Leo wants to be revered and requires all YOUR attention to his ass, especially in the bedroom. NOT!!
  • Aries (male) & Scorpio (me) – Another bad choice because his crude energy is real, and he only has the ability to love himself.  However, he is a great fuck, and eats pussy very well. No more or less, but not a keeper.
  • Gemini (male) & Scorpio (me) – A truly bad fuck-up, who was born to lie and is never stable in ANY relationship because of “new” pussy that he lurks.  They believe that lying is relative…to which I say whatever to their BULLSHIT!!! Might be. However, they are generous, kind, and funny as hell; just be guarded with your heart and enjoy the ride (no more or less).

Scorpio women are in love when the sex is off the chain, marvelously insane, and simply heavenly.  We love, love great sex because we rule by our genitals.  This is no exaggeration, but solely true.  Only the strong will survive a romp in the hay with her, because once you fuck up, and even when our hearts could be in deep, within hours…we never knew you….

Read on and beware of who I am so that you can learn to enjoy all of me.

Source: Patricia Cotton 'Scorpion' Pinterest Board

Source: Patricia Cotton
‘Scorpion’ Pinterest Board

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Dark Horse

Equestrianist on Tumblr

Antonio is Italian and Tati is African American; he’s fond of her and she thinks, How nice.  Tati looks into his eyes and asks, sweet as can be, “Are you sure you want to do this?  You want to tread down my erotic track of pure sexual delight?” He was shy, with eyes of uncertainty, but he did not want to turn away or say no to her. He was already hooked.

Katy Perry said it the best in her song “Dark Horse”, which warns her potential love interest:  “So you wanna play with magic / Boy you should know what you’re fallin’ for / Baby do you dare to do this / Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse / Are you ready for, Ready for / A perfect storm, Perfect storm / ‘Cause once you’re mine, Once you’re mine / There’s no goin’ back…”

Never play with love, ignore emotions or people’s feelings; this is a definite no, no.

Because if you’re not careful for what you ask for, when you least expected it, love is knocking down your door and you are about to get hoodwinked.

Antonio continued to fight and deny his emotions, but Tati was very patient.  She was going to win his heart over and knock down that hard exterior wall of a shell.  Yes, he is a Gemini with that hard shell but a loving inner soft shell he tries to ignore, as if it does not exist.

Tati watched Antonio evolve from a stiff, unaffectionate, no-pussy-eating, crazy Italian to a sweet, gentle, loving man who continues to fight his emotions for her.  She warned him, prior to his blatant attraction, to not tread down her path because there was no turning back.  Once he tasted her juices and entered her heavenly Pink Ice, he would become intoxicated and whipped. She was addictive and took no prisoners.  Tati loved openly, showed her vulnerability, and truly enjoyed loving and being loved.

Performing fellatio was her drug of choice, one that she craved for and fiended after on a continual basis.  But she was highly selective, and ONLY the chosen one was lucky enough to have this mind-blowing experience.  Her lips aim to seduce, as kissing was done PASSIONATELY and fervently. Tati uses all of her 5 senses during sex to imprison her Joy Ride, his penis.

On their first date, Tati seduced Antonio with her eyes and a wet kiss, and hypnotized him with her erotic scent, as his moans echoed through their ears.  Tati’s hands cascaded down over his soft, supple body toward his penis–never taking her eyes off of him.  She saw his vulnerability, fighting and trying to escape from this hard shell but lost out every time.  Hearing echoes of his moans penetrated her entire body enhancing her sexual intensity for him.  He was her weed stick that relaxed her senses, mind and body.  She was ready to surrender all of her being to Antonio, but she knew that he was not ready for her kind of loving.  She had work to do in knocking down his wall of trust issues and being ok to expose his vulnerability.  Tati was patient, and always won, and she was going to win Antonio because he was a keeper.

“Love is not love…until love is vulnerable.” –Theodore Roethke

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