How does one go about seducing their sex partner? Do you start with a sensual, alluring kiss, or the touch of a very sensitive area, such as the lips, ears, neck, navel or genitals?  Whatever sexual innuendos that you may conjure up, get it done.  At the start of any sexual encounter that will lead to sexual gratification, you must have all the right ingredients to make the cake rise (a.k.a. having the Big OFS).  A cake without eggs or yeast will not rise–your dick won’t rise and her pussy will not get lubricated if you are lacking any vital, very important foreplay ingredients. So do your job, and do it right the first time.

Remember that your sole purpose and goal is to make sure that your partner achieves their long-awaited orgasm to shake Mount Rushmore.

For Her: Stimulate all her erogenous zones (lips, ears, neck, nipples, breasts, navel, inner thighs, and last but definitely NOT least, her golden flower, her woman-ness, your addiction, her clit.  Kiss it softly, gently).  Use your tongue to tease, taste and make circular motions on the clit, laying your tongue down gently on her wet, waiting pussy, always adding more of your tongue juices.  And, please, do not forget your magical index finger to bring it home for her.

For Him: Give him a warm sensuous kiss to get him going.  Once you feel his male-ness growing, tease his neck, nipples and caress his penis.  Concentrate on the head of his cock. Licking it and teasing it with your masterful, wet delicious tongue on the shaft, head and balls.  Stay there and don’t move.  Make love to his penis for at least 15 minutes until he is begging for mercy or about to climax.  And remember, DO NOT stop “blowing” once he climaxes, especially in your mouth.  Lose your mind and make him scream for mercy.

That is the art of seduction, made simple.


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