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#Lord #GordDownie, may your #rest in #Peace! Much #Love, and thanks for sharing your  #self with the world. Your light will always #shine #bright.  #PeaceMyBrother

Just like #GordDownie was passionate about life…#Oralicious talks about the importance of #passion too!

Get your copy…and read about the importance of #Passion during #sex.


#Kudos to #Sexy Lexxy keeping it real about lick it, suck it, fuck it and eating the #PinkIce. She reps about Oral Sex and its finest…it’s the same sexual energy you need in order to bring the thunder and shut shit down so that you can experience an explosive, orgasmic combustable orgasm.

Just ask #RiRi #sexuality #DonLos #TeamLosy #Back2BackEnt

“The beauty of seeing the body in an art form, gets your mind right to enjoy sexual pleasure.” – Tatiana

Yes, Scorpios know that we are generally described as being synonymous with one little action word: sex, but not the way you think. S.E.X. to a Scorpio is based on a deep energy that penetrates your core to create a Sexual Energy eXplicitly during sex. All of our five (5) senses are turned on to the highest, hottest degree to ignite our sexual desires to the fullest to enjoy.

Let’s look at the sense Sight, and I will explain…


Your mind is the biggest sex organ that you possess; and when it is about to get turned on sexually, it can’t just be a thought. When your mind locks on to sexual desire, it also ignites your libido, which gets you even more turned on. Exactly!

There is always beauty in the eye of the beholder, in that what you see sexually may not capture the attention of another the same way. Scorpios, like most zodiac signs, love sex; but sex with a Scorpio tends to be a little different.

Why? We are beyond passionate, intense, and just love the art of sex. Especially how our bodies respond to sex when touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling SEX. All of those components intoxicate a Scorpio because we don’t just see, taste, touch, smell, and hear during sex.  Au contraire.  We SEE, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, and HEAR the joys of what is going down during our sexual Pleasure Journey.

We must get lost during sex, feel the deep energy penetrating our loins so that when we do climax… it knocks us out.

Even a simple kiss is something that Scorpios do with intensity. We KISS with such vigor, passion that we can climax just by kissing our partners. We have to devour your mouth, lips and tongue so that we can become one with each other.

So stop pussy-footing around and get intimate, passionate and sensuous about your sexual Pleasure Journey; so that you can enjoy the ride.

Before sending you on your Pleasure Journey, I just have to take a second to honor the Veterans who have supported and are supporting this country, by dedicating their lives and too often paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. To that, I say, Thank You! #Oral #pussy #blowjob


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Discover all your joys, wonders, and rewards from oral sex!

Ladies, it important to know your worth—in that you should NEVER treat your pussy just as a “hole” to plug. Au contraire. For me, personally, I have NEVER thought that my pussy was just a hole to plug; but that it’s a beautiful Lotus Flower that I decide who is worthy to enter and enjoy immensely.

When I was twelve years old, I figured out a way to have an orgasm without literally touching myself. The take away: it felt amazing between my legs and made my body feel good. When I matured a little to age 15, and working at the Donnell Library in the Young Adult section, I learned the importance of having an orgasm and how sensitive certain body parts are.

Over time, that lesson helped me when I also learned that sometimes you might not be in the mood but you want to satisfy your spouse or partner… I do get it. However, try to make a conscious effort for when he enters you—that he gets addicted and gets to fiendin’ just to be inside your Lotus Flower.

This is how you capitalize on your power and control your pussy; even if it’s for a “quicky.” Because you can still achieve an orgasm with a quicky, especially if your MIND is focused, your pussy is nice and wet, hot and juicy… let him ride and choke that dick until he cries for mercy.

Even though I usually have nothing but love for Chris Brown, his latest hot hit, “Back to Sleep”, gets him in the A-holism Hall of Fame today!!

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Discover all your joys, wonders, and rewards from oral sex!

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

Just because it’s Labor Day,
Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work it!

Source: Maid Servant Chloe from

Source: Maid Servant Chloe from

Stop, relax, relate, and climax are the joys of life. Life at times can be a challenging bitch in heat, but when you focus on the ‘NOW’ and not things you don’t have control over, you can let it go. You could start by allowing your mind, body, and spirit to enjoy a relaxing bath, fresh-cut flowers on a Friday after work, or the start of some heavy sexual petting…just get it done. Life is too short to live in a tomb of time; so, open yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life–like oral sex.

Oral sex is a de-stresser: a relaxer, a soother, an enhancer of sexual gratification, an aphrodisiac because it causes and creates arousal, and a guarantee of an orgasm. We need to learn to take advantage of what our bodies have to offer when it comes to sex, then maybe we will learn the true essence of enjoying sexual gratification by way of oral sex.

Make the most of your Labor Day and work it! Meet your bottom line in the bedroom by picking up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, from Kindle for your computer, tablet, or phone!

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Discover all your joys, wonders, and rewards from oral sex!

Source: mareamore on tumblr

mareamore on tumblr

“I am not a shamed of my weakness

My Passion for the Pussy

As I can’t live without it

I tried to ignore my burning desire

The hunger deep within

But the addiction festers

As my Passion for it always wins

I want to cure this sickness.

As I wish that it was…heroin, weed or coke

 Because of it I am broke.

She smells my pheromones, a mile away…

I try to escape but my pride gets in the way.

She laughs and walks toward me… and I back away.

She calls my name that drives me insane.

 It’s my fucking Passion that feeds and craves that thang…

I beg and beg to set me free…

 But she knows that I am lying and laughs at me. 

You know that you want this Pussy

…Because Passion has told me so.

So stop fighting, surrender and let go

He obeys and falls to his knees

Pussy opens her legs…

As Passion takes the lead”

(Excerpt from Oral Satisfaction –  The joys, wonders and rewards of oral sex)

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Passion! Passion, Passion, and more unadulterated passion for the pussy and the penis.

Have you ever loved something and someone that took your breath away when you were in their presence?  Or have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that consumes your body, which leaves you frightened but eager to delve right in head, heart and mind first—also known as Love?  Like Walt Disney said about when you put your all into a thing: “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”

At the start of sex, love making or oral sex, your mind, heart and entire being should be engrossed in what you are doing and will accomplish.

Everything about sex and foreplay should reek of the passion and sensuality that drives home your amazing performance.  If those two key ingredients are not a part of your equation, you will get an F grade; your performance is “the usual,” and, again, you have not made it into the P2 Club.  Sorry.

The Joys, Wonders and Rewards of Oral Sex
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