It takes two people to dance the tango, play touch football, and fuck.  At the start of sex, if you’re a human being, you should be focusing on your partner’s needs and not your own.  Why?  Because I can guarantee for sure that if you don’t, it will be a one-sided fuck.  Meaning, only one person will climax, leaving the other feeling unfulfilled and not satisfied.

To avoid this catastrophic dilemma, make sure that you put enough “proactive deposits” into your partner’s Pleasure Journey.

For Women – make sure that you tap into all his Erogenous Zones: lips, ears, neck, nipples (yes, there are nipples), belly button and of course his beautiful, hard-as-hell cock.  Focus on the head of the penis, the shaft and, of course, those gorgeous balls. If you are bold, lick the skin between his balls and anus (a.k.a. the perineum). That will definitely stimulate excitement!

For MenDO NOT RUSH!!! Kiss, kiss, and kiss all of her, especially her luscious lips, neck, ears, hands, fingers, arms, nipples, and breasts (yes, stay in that area for a while!).  When traveling down to her navel, use your tongue as a guide, spreading her legs, showing her your tongue has arrived at the Victorian Falls.  Use slow, sensuous licks and taste her.  Your tongue should be lying flat on her pussy, sucking up all her delicious juices.  If you are adventurous, add your index finger to finger fuck her slowly enhancing the motions of your amazing tongue.  At this point, she will be ripe, ready and about to burst!!!

At the end of the tango, everyone is elated and excited for reaching a satisfying climax!!

News flash!  Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club. Today women also want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, especially after experiencing amazing oral sex.  But, oral sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and the Leave It to Beaver Era is still closed-minded to sexual gratification done in this manner.  Well, the Leave It to Beaver Era is over and done with, and modern women want to desperately achieve an orgasm during sex.

The Joys, Wonders and Rewards of Oral Sex.