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Fingers in Mouth 10.5.15

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“When a man stop enjoying #Oral Sex, then we can enforce a Ban”


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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.


Be open to #Oral Sex so that you and your partner can enjoy all the fun rewards…

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.


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Who does not enjoy #OralSex…?

If a manual car clutch can enjoy the likes of #OralSex, so can you.

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Ladies, it important to know your worth—in that you should NEVER treat your pussy just as a “hole” to plug. Au contraire. For me, personally, I have NEVER thought that my pussy was just a hole to plug; but that it’s a beautiful Lotus Flower that I decide who is worthy to enter and enjoy immensely.

When I was twelve years old, I figured out a way to have an orgasm without literally touching myself. The take away: it felt amazing between my legs and made my body feel good. When I matured a little to age 15, and working at the Donnell Library in the Young Adult section, I learned the importance of having an orgasm and how sensitive certain body parts are.

Over time, that lesson helped me when I also learned that sometimes you might not be in the mood but you want to satisfy your spouse or partner… I do get it. However, try to make a conscious effort for when he enters you—that he gets addicted and gets to fiendin’ just to be inside your Lotus Flower.

This is how you capitalize on your power and control your pussy; even if it’s for a “quicky.” Because you can still achieve an orgasm with a quicky, especially if your MIND is focused, your pussy is nice and wet, hot and juicy… let him ride and choke that dick until he cries for mercy.

Even though I usually have nothing but love for Chris Brown, his latest hot hit, “Back to Sleep”, gets him in the A-holism Hall of Fame today!!

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

mqdefaultCome close, no, closer so that you can see the beauty in the Pink-Ice (aka the Pussy or Vajayjay), which some men and women can’t live without. Because I honestly do care about your wants and desires! I found this AWESOME video on YouTube to share with you. Enjoy!!!




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Source: Erotica Board Jessica Spikes

Source: Erotica Board
Jessica Spikes

Hell yeah!!! When it’s done right.  It’s not rocket science; actually, it’s a no-brainer.  Oral sex is a sure way of having an orgasm for men and women, because your amazingly soft, supple, erotic lips suck you in until you explode, literally.  Lips are an erogenous zone with many sensitive tissues, and when they get stimulated it definitely gets you sexually aroused.

The more sexually aroused that you become, the more encouraged you become in stimulating yourself and your partner.

When loving on the penis with your mouth, the warmth, wet and intense suction power, along with skillful hand movements will get you both going, soon to climax.  For the women, when you journey down to her sweet, delectably welcoming pussy, you should be salivating and ready to dive in. Your index finger should be on standby, as it will work in conjunction with the tongue; both waiting to dip into the dripping, waiting pussy, and soaking up all her juices so nothing is lost. Your tongue now turns into a make-shift penis that enters the pussy nice and slow in a continuous motion.  Her juices should be spilling all over your mouth, as her little penis (a.k.a the clitoris) is getting ready to explode. Your tongue should lay flat on her hot-and-ready pussy as if you are blanketing it. I can’t image not having oral sex at the start of sex, can you?

Oral satisfaction is the best way to guarantee orgasms!

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Source: Pinterest Board "Suggestive, not salacious"

Source: Pinterest Board
“Suggestive, not salacious”

“I need to feel your tongue. Kiss me,” Gabriella moaned to Antonio. “I need to feel all of you…your eyes, lips, mouth, tongue, and hands inside and all over me,” she breathed deeply.

Their passion for one another was fueled by their desire to connect intimately, feel the combustible heat that they generated from each other’s body that inflamed their libidos.  Gabriella and Antonio are single and see each other once a week. It was a romance that you can only dream of because there are no pressures in this relationship.  They laugh all the time; have fun; enjoy each other’s conversation; dine at the best restaurants throughout New York City, preferably Italian; constant flirting with one another; complimenting one another; caressing and kissing one another; and fucking each other until they both burst or explode.  He adores her feistiness and is drawn to her sexiness that drives him insane.

He sometimes complains that his penis is too small; she responds, “For whom, because it’s perfect for me.  Baby, I can deep-throat you, ride you until the cows come home, and we fuck a minimum of three times during the night.  You are my beautiful dark horse and I am your jockey that loves to ride you.  I love dripping on, drowning, and quenching your balls with all my pussy wetness, which inspires me to chase after your cock again.    You love it when I suck on you again after you have come.”

Sometimes, after they climaxed together, she would sit on Antonio for at least thirty minutes, laughing and enjoying just being with him who satisfies all of her.  Gabriella adores Antonio and cherishes what they have.  There are no expectations, demands, or trust issues because they both appreciate what they have and share on the weekend. What she loves about what they have is that they have very busy lives, so each understands and sets no demands or expectations, which makes their once-a-week connection simply amazing.  Antonio completes Gabriella and she loves their “Casual Marriage” for both of their single lives.

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