Forget that cereal in the orange box…
How do you wake up in the morning?
Ready to face the day, or
Ready to face dive?

Source: "Oral Sex is Essential" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Sex is Essential” Pinterest Board

Something that natural can’t be bad for you, am I right? Organic doesn’t even begin to describe, and don’t worry, Men, we’re both organic in the same ways! 😉

It’s not too often that we wake up ready to face the day–either the long night before or the dreaded day at work is clouding over our perfectly glorious daybreak. But, before even pulling yourself out of bed, you can have the breakfast of champions; just roll on over, slip under the covers, and make sure your partner doesn’t miss that amazing sunrise. Be gentle, soft, and creative–especially if your partner sleeps deeply–and take part in the breakfast of champions that existed long before Wheaties!

Are you getting your daily suggested dose of oral satisfaction?

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