Been to the casino on your birthday?
Oral sex before sex is just like
Going to the casino on your birthday.
Get that promo cash and play hard!

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Source: The Adult Pages – Risque and Adult Coins

Starting out the night with oral sex is just like getting that promotional cash at the casino on your birthday, it gives you a competitive edge to achieving the ultimate sexual jackpot: mutual, guaranteed orgasms! Even though it’s hard to trust “a sure bet”, you can count on Oral Sex to boost your sexual credit and keep romance’s stakes high all night long. The bank funding your Pleasure Journey down The Strip can only be depleted if your winnings aren’t reinvested into the game–be sure to give back as much passionate profit as you get! Don’t hold back, rub your good luck charm (Hopefully, he or she is very warm!), and let the dice fall where they may. Sensual Oral Sex is always a winning bet.

Be sure to ante up for oral satisfaction!

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