Source Image: Jeff Dunas Photography "The Housebreakers"

Source Image: Jeff Dunas Photography
“The Housebreakers”

And the  P2 awards go to The Desire Project,  Victoria Floethe for Original Screen Play, and for Best Director to Julian West who are the masterminds behind a cute documentary called A Short History of the Blow Job.


Every day I try to find interesting, new things and topics to talk about regarding oral sex. My ultimate goal is to inform, enlighten, and entertain you on a daily basis because I truly do love what I do, but most importantly I love your company.  I am working on a new lipstick brand that our  P-Squared community along with the Porn Industry will love and enjoy, so stay tuned.  What I love about giving and receiving oral sex is the approach and mindset that is set before you.  Folks that love sucking dick (fellatio) and/or eating pussy (cunnilingus) get excited because fucking will be in the equation.  Granted, oral sex is in the vein of foreplay, which I mention in Chapter 2 of my book, so clearly it is vital at the start of sex.  Whenever you start oral sex, pleasure is in the atmosphere and there is no stopping.

When you see the look or heightened sexual charge that you are giving to your partner and receiving it back, it’s going to be a “fucking” good time up in here.  I love, love, love sucking my Lulu’s dick because it’s pure control, like driving a stick shift.  You are in the driver’s seat, and let’s go for a joy ride.  Every fucking time that I suck him, I want him to tap out. Usher sang about it in his new hit release Good Kisser on YouTube.

What I love about men is that they are basic creatures; don’t like drama, hate to argue, love sports, sex, and money, but most importantly they love having their dicks sucked, licked, stroked, and fucked with the mouth or very tightly clenched pussy.

Source: Pinterest Board

Source: Pinterest Board

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