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When you incorporate your 5 Senses into Oral Sex, the end results can be Orgasmic


Because your 5 Senses are already working overtime, let’s take a closer look at this intoxicating photo for instant…

  • Sight – Are you focusing on the color of her pink panties or her pussy?
  • Sound – Just by looking at this photo, does it make you want to moan with desire?
  • Taste – Do you want to taste her candy-stripes or her pussy?
  • Touch – The look on her face is inviting you to be daring, and touch her…but, you have to know how to touch her…you got it…gently, and ever so slowly to get her pussy gushing with wetness.
  • Smell – Can you image what her pussy smell likes…a bed of roses?

Our 5 Senses plays a major role in the art of sex, foreplay, love making and of course oral sex.  You can’t have oral sex without the tongue, mouth and lips; Daah! Without incorporating our 5 senses into our Pleasure Journey, we can really miss out on the joys, wonders and rewards of great sex, and/or oral sex.

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.


Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch of Sex


Recap: Your eyes are critical to your sexual Pleasure Journey, because the way that you see your sex partner will determine your level of sexual interest. And that’s expressed in how much you want to devour your partner’s beautiful (what you see) body.  Why? Because you find him or her to be too damn sexy.  Your eyes are the windows to your sexual desire. 

As I mentioned yesterday, our 5 Senses are vital and key components to our sexual gratification and stimulation.  It is because of our free sensual will and passion that we want to move all of them from the dormant, non-aggressive, passive element in our lives to the forefront as foreplay, being proactive with passionate kissing and the delivery of sexually climatic orgasm (OFS).

Shall I explain…?

Sexual sound is music to my ears, as it should be to yours.  When you are being turned on sexually by your partner, your moans only ignite more intense pleasure, not just for you but for your partner as well.  I love to hear my man moan when I am giving him a masterful, amazing blow job.  It really adds fuel to my fire and his.  The louder he moans, the more intense I become and get lost in his penis.  I love sucking on and making love to his beautiful cock.  He is uncircumcised, which makes his manhood a little extra sensitive, and my extra attention creates even more song-ful sounds from his pussy-like lips (another post).  Love it!

Sound is also critical to your sexual Pleasure Journey, because the way that you perform your proactive sexual foreplay skills on your partner will determine your level of sexual interest. Expressed in how you conduct your orchestra on your partner’s beautiful body.  Why? Because you find his or her sounds intoxicating and damn sexy.

The sounds that you both make during your sexual escapade will enhance your oneness to a crescendo of sensual and stimulating “music”.

Allow your sounds to be heard and continue to be seduced by those magical tones, mixing harmonies that only you two can truly enjoy. When your partner moans from ecstasy because you got his or her juices running wild, your libidos are ready to dance a sexual waltz that others only wish they could accomplish.  The sounds that come from making love to the breasts, pussy and the penis are for your ears to enjoy and echo over and over again.

What are you waiting for? The music of the night awaits…

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