Oral sex is delightful, refreshing, orgasmic and simply divine when you experience it as both parties are enjoying the benefits of an OFS.  Wow!!!  There are many wonderful, fascinating pleasures in life. Like an authentic, delicious meal that leaves you wanting more.  Or a shopping spree on a cool spring day, and everything that you purchased was 50% off marked-down sale prices.  Wow!!! How about your favorite sports team who was losing badly but pulled out a miraculous win, and the stadium goes ballistic with loud cheers. How about PEACE…peace is definitely a simple pleasure in life, especially peace of mind. Oral sex is like having peace of mind because you know for certain that your partner wants to please you and bring you an orgasmic state of being.  It’s that authentic meal that you can’t get enough of. Or that shopping spree that left you speechless because you saved a fortune, totally orgasmic.  Oral sex is nothing but pleasure, pleasure and more pleasure.

Oral sex exists in a world where there are no inhibitions; peace of mind is at the forefront, and pleasure is the dominate leader.  Oral sex builds the foundation to achieving an Orgasm For Sure for you and your partner because it’s thrilling, intoxicating, and sexually charged with delight.

Source: "Babydoll Lingerie" Pinterest Board

Source: “Babydoll Lingerie”
Pinterest Board

Oral sex is my drug of choice, which I am openly addicted to giving and receiving. The softness of lips on a penis or pussy is music to my ears, and my partner’s—who actually confessed and said that his penis LOVES my pussy.  No shit, Sherlock!!  My obsession with sucking the dick is the pure, unadulterated pleasure that I give and share with my Lulu.

Ladies, every time that you suck his dick, just like Usher, you want him to tap out.  I do it every time, and then I ride him like a jockey to the finish line.  Love oral sex; it works!!

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