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“Mmmm, tasting your pussy juices on my fingers and in my mouth is making me hunger for you more.”


Passion 3.12.14 Blog

Source: ‘Simply Hot!’ Pinterest Board Jimmy Lindquist

Claire loved the smell, touch, sight, sound, but most importantly the taste of the pussy. Each woman’s pussy will look, smell, taste, and respond differently to sexual gratification. The best pussy is a pussy that gets excited just because you are looking at it, and it will start to ooze with delight.

A sexually charged pussy is a pussy that gets excited after you have caressed it, played with it, teased it, or breathed on it… it will be receptive to anything that you want to do to it. It can handle you being rough with it, stroking it gently, admiring it, fingering it, but most importantly… tasting it until you become intoxicated by it’s flowing juices. #Oral #Pussy #Blowjob

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Passion! Passion, Passion, and more unadulterated passion for the pussy and the penis.

Have you ever loved something and someone that took your breath away when you were in their presence?  Or have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that consumes your body, which leaves you frightened but eager to delve right in head, heart and mind first—also known as Love?  Like Walt Disney said about when you put your all into a thing: “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”

At the start of sex, love making or oral sex, your mind, heart and entire being should be engrossed in what you are doing and will accomplish.

Everything about sex and foreplay should reek of the passion and sensuality that drives home your amazing performance.  If those two key ingredients are not a part of your equation, you will get an F grade; your performance is “the usual,” and, again, you have not made it into the P2 Club.  Sorry.

The Joys, Wonders and Rewards of Oral Sex
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