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“Mmmm, tasting your pussy juices on my fingers and in my mouth is making me hunger for you more.”


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Source: ‘Simply Hot!’ Pinterest Board Jimmy Lindquist

Claire loved the smell, touch, sight, sound, but most importantly the taste of the pussy. Each woman’s pussy will look, smell, taste, and respond differently to sexual gratification. The best pussy is a pussy that gets excited just because you are looking at it, and it will start to ooze with delight.

A sexually charged pussy is a pussy that gets excited after you have caressed it, played with it, teased it, or breathed on it… it will be receptive to anything that you want to do to it. It can handle you being rough with it, stroking it gently, admiring it, fingering it, but most importantly… tasting it until you become intoxicated by it’s flowing juices. #Oral #Pussy #Blowjob

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“The beauty of seeing the body in an art form, gets your mind right to enjoy sexual pleasure.” – Tatiana

Yes, Scorpios know that we are generally described as being synonymous with one little action word: sex, but not the way you think. S.E.X. to a Scorpio is based on a deep energy that penetrates your core to create a Sexual Energy eXplicitly during sex. All of our five (5) senses are turned on to the highest, hottest degree to ignite our sexual desires to the fullest to enjoy.

Let’s look at the sense Sight, and I will explain…


Your mind is the biggest sex organ that you possess; and when it is about to get turned on sexually, it can’t just be a thought. When your mind locks on to sexual desire, it also ignites your libido, which gets you even more turned on. Exactly!

There is always beauty in the eye of the beholder, in that what you see sexually may not capture the attention of another the same way. Scorpios, like most zodiac signs, love sex; but sex with a Scorpio tends to be a little different.

Why? We are beyond passionate, intense, and just love the art of sex. Especially how our bodies respond to sex when touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling SEX. All of those components intoxicate a Scorpio because we don’t just see, taste, touch, smell, and hear during sex.  Au contraire.  We SEE, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, and HEAR the joys of what is going down during our sexual Pleasure Journey.

We must get lost during sex, feel the deep energy penetrating our loins so that when we do climax… it knocks us out.

Even a simple kiss is something that Scorpios do with intensity. We KISS with such vigor, passion that we can climax just by kissing our partners. We have to devour your mouth, lips and tongue so that we can become one with each other.

So stop pussy-footing around and get intimate, passionate and sensuous about your sexual Pleasure Journey; so that you can enjoy the ride.

Before sending you on your Pleasure Journey, I just have to take a second to honor the Veterans who have supported and are supporting this country, by dedicating their lives and too often paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. To that, I say, Thank You! #Oral #pussy #blowjob


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When you incorporate your 5 Senses into Oral Sex, the end results can be Orgasmic


Because your 5 Senses are already working overtime, let’s take a closer look at this intoxicating photo for instant…

  • Sight – Are you focusing on the color of her pink panties or her pussy?
  • Sound – Just by looking at this photo, does it make you want to moan with desire?
  • Taste – Do you want to taste her candy-stripes or her pussy?
  • Touch – The look on her face is inviting you to be daring, and touch her…but, you have to know how to touch her…you got it…gently, and ever so slowly to get her pussy gushing with wetness.
  • Smell – Can you image what her pussy smell likes…a bed of roses?

Our 5 Senses plays a major role in the art of sex, foreplay, love making and of course oral sex.  You can’t have oral sex without the tongue, mouth and lips; Daah! Without incorporating our 5 senses into our Pleasure Journey, we can really miss out on the joys, wonders and rewards of great sex, and/or oral sex.

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.


Yes, I am very proud to be a scorpio

Yes, I take the art of sex seriously as I do wear my badge of honor with pride. Being born under the horoscope of a Scorpio comes with perks, but disappointments as well.


News Flash! Oral sex is a part of sex and is here to stay. Super-mega TV producer, Shonda Rhimes, writes about it all the time in her mega hit show How To Get Away With Murder. Oral sex is now woven into the fabric of America’s life, and across the globe, yet still taboo in the 21st Century.

Beautiful Black Women

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I welcome you into my sweet sexiness with legs wide open. But, you must be open to drop to your knees and taste my flowing juices . . . or the deal is off!

Boudoir Shoot Ideas

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I am willing to straddle a chair and let you caress my back-side . . . only if you lick me dry when I start to drip!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

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If you choose to disappoint me . . . oh, ’tis not true! I will find other relaxing movements to forget that you ever existed . . .

Bad Girl Quotes

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. . . which is where I expect you to now drop to your knees and be my bitch! Then I will allow you to fuck me hard and long, beating my pussy until I squirt all over your dick.


Sexy Motivation

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So, do I have your undivided attention? If I do, it’s my turn to tantalize you with my mouth-watering tongue that I will now trace all over your body. I promise not to stop making love to your beautiful penis until you are rock hard and ready to burst inside my wet, soothing mouth. I love oral sex and the many mysteries that it brings forth . . . unadulterated pleasure that is completely inviting to the body!

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

Art Laundry Image by Ella Tjader

Ella Tjader

Only the strong will survive the attempt at trying to love a female Scorpio.  They love hard, don’t believe in games when it comes to the heart, love for keeps, don’t tolerate bullshit, have no problem checking your ass, and if you piss her off…

Source:  Sha Brooks 'Scorpio' Pinterest Board

Source: Sha Brooks
‘Scorpio’ Pinterest Board

Let me explain…

A Scorpio will die of self before it surrenders to their foe.  There are three zodiac signs that I will use as my example and common behavior of such:

  • Leo (male) & Scorpio (me) – Bad choice because the Leo wants to be revered and requires all YOUR attention to his ass, especially in the bedroom. NOT!!
  • Aries (male) & Scorpio (me) – Another bad choice because his crude energy is real, and he only has the ability to love himself.  However, he is a great fuck, and eats pussy very well. No more or less, but not a keeper.
  • Gemini (male) & Scorpio (me) – A truly bad fuck-up, who was born to lie and is never stable in ANY relationship because of “new” pussy that he lurks.  They believe that lying is relative…to which I say whatever to their BULLSHIT!!! Might be. However, they are generous, kind, and funny as hell; just be guarded with your heart and enjoy the ride (no more or less).

Scorpio women are in love when the sex is off the chain, marvelously insane, and simply heavenly.  We love, love great sex because we rule by our genitals.  This is no exaggeration, but solely true.  Only the strong will survive a romp in the hay with her, because once you fuck up, and even when our hearts could be in deep, within hours…we never knew you….

Read on and beware of who I am so that you can learn to enjoy all of me.

Source: Patricia Cotton 'Scorpion' Pinterest Board

Source: Patricia Cotton
‘Scorpion’ Pinterest Board

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