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She Wants to Squirt

Susan Bratton, who was my featured guest on the Blow Job Aficionado episode (#9) wants to share with my P2 (P-Square) Community for free the “Liquid Ejaculation Program” for you and your spouse, lover or partner to enjoy. This is her gift to my P2 Listeners. “The BIGGEST block to a woman’s ability to squirt is when her vulva isn’t awakened. “Find out why She’s Not Squirting…or why you Haven’t Found Her G-SPOT or think that you have, but she’s still not squirting.

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Susan partnered with Tallulah Sulis, who is a Certified Somatic Sexologist, sex educator, and coach; developed specific stroke techniques and patterns to make squirting orgasms easier for women and their partners. Their awesome “Female Liquid Orgasm” program, is for any lover who wants to give their woman the most intense orgasmic experience she will ever have. And to any woman who wants to experience the healing release of female ejaculation with her partner or by herself.”

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The trouble with orgasms is not being able to enjoy having one, especially for the ladies!

80% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm when they have sex.

That’s right, Ladies, a vast majority of us aren’t getting what a vast majority of men can get just having a dream at night.

“Many women have given up on the idea that they’ll ever have a satisfying sex life. In fact, most women believe that it is impossible for them to achieve an orgasm during sex. Well, that myth is totally untrue and false!” – Excerpt from my newest eBook Oral Satisfaction.

Let’s close the gap and make enjoying the healthy release from passionate sex a permanent fixture for women, helping them to achieve the long-awaited and much-needed “Big O.” Practicing (or initiating, Ladies, men don’t have to run the whole show!) passionate exploratory foreplay and stimulating steamy sexual gratification will heighten your Pleasure Journey so you, too, will experience an Orgasm for Sure! Give your man the road map to the stars, by helping him love and embrace all your Erogenous Zones making them so turned on that the slightest touch either of you makes will make you both climax.

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex.

Men are simple creatures who do not like drama, chaos, and not having sex. Men love, love, love sex and having their dicks sucked; it’s that simple.  Men are designed to procreate, and they are visual beautiful creatures.  Women are emotional, nurturing and need to feel love.  Men are, too, but seek it out differently than us.  My first husband told me that men love harder than women, we just show it differently–about which he was right.

Let’s stay focused

Sex, love making and oral sex are simply enjoyable,

and once you try it, it does become something like an addiction. I love oral sex and truly enjoy receiving and giving it, because it’s a natural turn-on that heightens your sexual Pleasure Journey. Who doesn’t like climaxing on a regular basis? Because I know I certainly do.

Loving on your man is the most sensuous and passionate thing that you can do to your hard, rugged, yet truly soft, man.  It makes them butter, and they are delicious to taste and tease. Sucking a dick is like eating a banana dipped  in deep dark chocolate that is drizzled with succulent  goodness.

Suck his dick like that sweet tasting banana is dipped in hot chocolate sauce–heavenly!  Start at the head of his penis, and kiss, kiss, kiss it with wet and very moist lips.  Tease it with your loving tongue, working down to his hard and waiting shaft. Damn, this is turning me on!

While men deserve love, keep in mind that so do we. Remember: No licky, licky…No sticky, sticky. Let’s stop the madness; go share your tongues and mouths passionately on your bodies and with one another.

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex
Oral Satisfaction on Amazon

News Flash!! The majority of people Love, Love, Love oral sex, and I am one of those people. It’s a major part of my sexual repertoire. “No licky…No sticky”, that’s the rules. Life is about choices…you can choose NOT to suck dick or eat pussy or you can. To keep life harmonious, simple and not complicated (no stress) that requires sensational oral sex satisfaction; ONLY deal with people who have

passion for the penis and passion for the pussy (P²)

who love oral sex. It’s that simple.

Listen, my old-school Italian lover prefers not to eat pussy. Ok. However, he is well aware of MY requirements. He knows that I MUST climax, which he makes happen with sensual Foreplay and attention to our Pleasure Journey. Simply lovely! If he did not accomplish this very important goal of mine, I would lock down the pussy and not suck his dick. Plain and simple. Now for him, that is not doable or cool because he craves and loves, loves, loves my juicy, ALWAYS waiting pussy and me sucking his dick.

We are both very satisfied because WE both deliver. Don’t make it complicated…like-minded people never do. 🙂

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex

When you meet that special person who connects with you sexually, it only improves to greatness.  Kissing becomes KISSING, passion becomes PASSION, and sexual gratification becomes DEEP SEXUAL STIMULATION; now, you aim to please.  I love sucking my boyfriend’s dick, because he truly LOVES it; but, not more than I because I get TOTALLY turned on.  He is not into eating pussy, but HE is well aware that I MUST CLIMAX.  And I have to say that he gets an A+; because all he wants to do is get me so turned on that I can’t help but have the BIG O.  I LOVE climaxing, but the real joy comes during the

Pleasure Journey,

the buildup, the Foreplay.  When he comes home and we get ready for bed, we are definitely overjoyed with our sexual connection that’s bought about to satisfy our sexual needs, wants and desires.  He is perfect to me, and I enjoy him every time we connect.

is what you want to achieve during your sexual Pleasure Journey. Sexual stimulation at the start of sex is a prerequisite to set the ball in motion for the climatic Big O. Your mind should not rest upon any hindrances, and you need to wipe your mind clean of any stressors, as any distracted thoughts must vanish into thin air. Your vulnerability will be exposed, which is a good thing as there are

no sexual inhibitions in unadulterated, purely gratifying sex.

The cosmic energy that you share so openly is transferred and feeding off of one another, heightening  your sexual tension and desire will make it easier to climax together.  Touching, tasting, and seeing your erogenous zones ignites your sexual hunger as your sense of smell heightens, as you sense your body burning deep from the

sexual stimulation

that you are both bringing. Your moans float in the air and hearing that sound intoxicates both of your very beings. That lasting ache, wanting and needing to release is closer than you think. You are not afraid to surrender to unadulterated, purely gratifying sexual pleasure as you both climax together.

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