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Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing, and gifted rapper by the name of #LosDon. Whose passion came across in every note, lyric and rhythm that he struck. Sexiness over the top; and true to the #GCode.  He worked effortlessly, focused, just to deliver a stellar video for you to soon enjoy.  A solute and #Champagne Toast to #LosDon for sharing the love throughout the day; and during the video shoot. Much love ❤

#OralSex speaks that same kind of language…it can’t be rushed as it must be savored so that you can achieve your orgasmic, yet explosive, climatic sexual celebration. It takes time, preparation, preparation and execution. Keep an eye on Los Don, with those sexy damn, suckable lips; harmonizing and grooving in your ears and atmosphere.

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What is passion?  I define passion as the underlying emotion that fuels or gives energy to an action with a strong conviction.  However, Wikipedia defines passion as “… a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing.  Passion is an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.”

Source Image from Pinterest

Source Image from Boudoir Pinterest Board

Excerpt from Oral Satisfaction:

The best sex I have ever had and experienced lasted for ten hours in one single night: as it was mind-blowing, surreal, unadulterated AMAZING sex.  My pussy stayed soaking wet and juicier than a Georgia peach on a hot summer day, and he remained hard like the Rock of Gibraltar.  In hindsight, I think his 64-year-old ass was on Viagra; which he would definitely deny.  Wha’ever! But to keep it positive, it was simply the best sex that I ever, ever had.  We kissed reverently, ferociously and made love so passionately that we did not realize we were literally at it for ten hours, with minimal bathroom and eating breaks.

“Why and how did this occur?” You might wonder.  First and foremost, he had passion for the pussy, and I had passion for the penis. Are you listening? And focusing on what I’m saying, as this is vital to achieving great orgasms.  P2, which is part of the Pleasure Journey equation: P2 + Kissing + Foreplay + Erogenous Zones = Great Orgasmic Sex (OFS).

P-Squared Poem Image 5.13.14 Blog


I am not a shamed of my weakness

My Passion for the Pussy

As I can’t live without it

I tried to ignore my burning desire

The hunger deep within

But the addiction festers

As my Passion for it always wins

I want to cure this sickness.

As I wish that it was…heroin, weed or coke

 Because of it I am broke.

She smells my pheromones, a mile away…

I try to escape but my pride gets in the way.

She laughs and walks toward me… and I back away.

She calls my name that drives me insane.

 It’s my fucking Passion that feeds and craves that thang…

I beg and beg to set me free…

 But she knows that I am lying and laughs at me. 

You know that you want this Pussy

…Because Passion has told me so.

So stop fighting, surrender and let go

He obeys and falls to his knees

Pussy opens her legs…

As Passion takes the lead

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