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“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

We the People of the Oral Sex Society, whose mantra is P2 (Passion for the Penis and Passion for the Pussy), wish to perform this natural sexual stimulation with our mouth, tongue and lips with no inhibitions or notions that oral sex is a disgusting or foul thing.  We will display our unadulterated affection, desires, needs and fulfillment toward our partner sexually, orally.  This constitution is to reassure, give peace of mind and acceptance that our choice and free will to perform oral sex will be respected and never compromised or made to feel like a pornographic act.

We respect and love our bodies by giving and receiving love, pleasure and joy by consuming the mouth, lips and tongue on our partner’s body so passionately and freely.  We understand the importance of a passionate kiss; the vital pro-active element behind foreplay; the desire to touch, taste, feel, hear and smell our partner’s erogenous zones; the “P” in Passion; and the dire need for sensuality during oral sex: all definitely leading to an amazing OFS (Orgasm For Sure).

Source: Pinterest 'Sexy Couples' Board Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

Source: Pinterest ‘Sexy Couples’ Board
Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

We will act accordingly within the privacy of our own homes, bedrooms and/or places that are not inappropriate or offensive to anyone else. But we will perform fellatio and/or cunnilingus on our spouses and/or partners because it’s our free-will and choice.

Oral Sex may not be for everyone as it is an outright expression of sexual stimulation that aims to please one partner in a very pleasurable way.  If you find this act outright offensive, please use your free will to turn the channel in your dull brain, and pray that your spouse and/or partner is not enjoying this amazing delight with your foe.

Sasha Medvedeva

Sasha Medvedeva

We choose to use our mouth, (“naughty”) tongue and lips to:

1)      Ignite your partner’s sexual libido by starting with a gentle, passionate, and sensuous inviting kiss
2)      Arouse your partner’s erogenous zones (For Her: Breast, nipples, neck, behind the ear, back, navel, buttocks, inner thighs and the pussy / For Him: Back of neck, ears, nipples, navel, perineum (located between the scrotum and anus), nipples, fingers, penis, anus, back and coccyx (tailbone)
3)      Use your partner’s body as a road map exploring the sensitive regions slowly
4)      Tease, stimulate, tantalize those very sensitive body parts, incorporating ALL your 5 Senses (sight, sound, smell, taste & touch)
5)      Kiss until you are intoxicated and can’t kiss any more
6)      Speak our wants and desires during sex, oral sex, and love making
7)      Sustain the peak of sexual gratification by  extending foreplay

I want you to pledge, right here, right now, to taste and touch with your mouth, lips, and tongue, while your eyes see, your noses smell, and your ears hear the joys, wonders and rewards from the displays of unadulterated pleasure from oral sex. You will actively share in your partner’s sexual escapade, created because your lips, mouth and tongue did all the hard work of giving pure pleasure. Know the joys that you can give and share with your partner so free and uninhibited are authentic. Never rush the art of oral sex, so both you and your partner can experience the joys, wonders and rewards that sensual oral sex can bring.

Take the pledge; swear to yourself and your partner that guaranteed orgasms from mutually beneficial oral sex will be the only orgasms you ever have again!

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How hot do you want it?  How hot can you handle it?  That all depends on you and your partner’s willingness to cook up a steamy serving of hot-sweating-oozing delight, of pure pleasurable sex that will bring your sexual stimulation to a crescendo, a dynamo, an explosion.  How you tease, tantalize and devote “time and energy” to your Pleasure Journey (discovered through exploratory foreplay in every erogenous zone) will determine your climactic enjoyment level. Make it explosive with foreplay that will sustain your sexual peak, extending your Pleasure Journey for miles and adding more rewarding sexual pleasures for you and your partner.

Your sexual explosion will be monumental, based on the time and sexual gratification that you invest into your Pleasure Journey.

Being able to maintain the peak of your Pleasure Journey will reveal all the attainable levels of pure orgasmic excitement that lead to a lasting love explosion between you and your partner.

Oral Sex can be a rewarding and enlightening experience when time, passion and sensuality are major parts of the OFS equation.  Then, with focus, you add the key ingredients (kissing, foreplay, erogenous zones) to our 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and hear), and you will achieve an Orgasm For Sure.

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Life can throw you many curve balls, but the key to rebound the unexpected is accepting it has happened and deciding how to communicate with self and others to adopt a positive outlook.  Sex, love making and oral sex can travel down that same type of road toward unexpected curve balls, if communication is not conveyed effectively and sufficiently for your partner.

Speaking your wants and desires during sex, oral sex and love making is the key to a healthy, lasting love affair for all to enjoy.  Men love having their dicks sucked and are very open and easy about asking you to do such an act of kindness for them. They also make it no secret how certain areas on their bodies are sensitive to the touch, like their balls or ass.  Really!?  Yes!  Just imagine how his lips feel on your entire body, such as: breasts, neck, navel, ass, and especially between your pink ice.  Your partner’s sensitivity may be stronger in different body areas, but your partner’s sensitivity is comparable, if not similar, to your sensitivity.

Practice being open and expressing with your loved one the things that excite and turn you on.

The more we learn to communicate openly at the start of sex, the more we can enhance and elevate our sexual escapades to unreachable heights.  Enjoy the journey!!

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So, did I mention just how important this kissing stuff is? Because if you haven’t noticed, this is the second time we’re mentioning the kiss—and that’s because that is where sex usually begins: the mouth. In fact, the art of the sensual kiss is so important to the act of, not only making love, but that all-time favorite foreplay pastime oral sex that I dedicated the first chapter of my eBook, Oral Satisfaction, to that alone. Here’s a short excerpt expressing just how important a good kiss is to satisfying oral sex:

“Size really does matter, but not where you think! In fact, our biggest sex organ is not located between our legs, but between our ears. That’s right; it’s our mind. There are many outstanding attributes that can help you achieve an orgasm, and they are simple and right within your grasp.  However, one of the vital attributes and requirements is that you MUST allow your mind to be open to pleasure or your climax will be less than climactic!

You can achieve orgasm through oral sex, and you should; no excuses! One of the major reasons women have for not climaxing from oral pleasure is that, for whatever reason, you are simply not allowing your mind to be receptive to it.  Maybe it’s some personal baggage or an emotional hang-up or you feel “dirty” or “icky,” but no two sexual experiences are ever the same; clear those cobwebs out to make room for some fireworks! You have to embrace the freedom to act, execute your will power so you will no longer be inhibited, but uninhibited, during sex.

The second biggest sex organ is our mouth, just think of the great things that we can do with it—if only we’ll allow ourselves to: from tasting to teasing to licking to communicating and expressing likes and dislikes to kissing intimately with someone. Our mouths, including our tongue and lips, are wonderful tools for creating climaxes for both men and women.  During sex, both partners should and must express the same things, our desires or delectables, whatever gets us hot. It is important to communicate what we want and express our likes and dislikes with consideration for our partners.  We are not here to hurt or deflate anyone, but to add pleasure to our joint experience(s).

KISS: Keep It Simple, Sexy

It all starts with the kiss.  Kissing is a verb, an action word that should compel you to act.  Kissing should be used to create arousal and stimulation.  Kissing is imperative and must be utilized. I am not talking about a peck, a smooch and definitely not a 30-second kiss that you believe has gotten him or her into the mood so now you’re ready to have sex.  Not!”

Not is right. That first kiss, the one that sets the mood, that can be soft, gentle, tantalizing. But this kiss, this is the kiss that keeps the motor running, gunning, shifting up to the third and fourth gears. It’s all about tongues and lips – making them touch, moving them around – sucking, licking, sharing each others’ mouths. Nibbling lightly with timid teeth. Or going full-on S&M and tearing their lips off with your artificial vampire fangs. Whatever your mood, whatever your energy throw that into the kiss and you’ll both get an OFS!

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The sexiest body part on our bodies is the lips, I believe.  A sexy mouth is one that you want to love on, tease, and tantalize because it creates sexual arousal that leaves a lasting impression.  That is why kissing is important and exciting to do, because a simple kiss creates sexual stimulation, enhances your libido (from stirring up those pheromones), and does many  great things for the body.

My secret weapons are my lips, mouth and tongue, because of the many fun, wicked things that I truly enjoy doing with all of them. Being a great kisser is like serving an ace during a tennis match: a sure thing and a winner.

Teasing, stimulating and tantalizing my partner until he is begging me to stop creates a natural high for me during oral sex unlike anything else that I experience.

When you tantalize the sensitive body parts (neck, breasts, nipples, navel and genitals) in the proper manner, your partner’s body should be trembling from excitement, barely waiting for you to take it to another level of pure unadulterated excitement.  The mouth only ignites your sexual desires during a kiss, but the tongue and lips close the deal. Get busy!

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Sexual stimulation is not hard or complicated to engage in (always consensual, safe, and with a significant other).  Far from the case, it is actually easy and very simple to partake in and accomplish.  Humans are sexual creatures that enjoy sexual stimulation, most especially when it is ignited by our 5 senses: taste, touch, sound, sight and smell.  Think about it; why do we have profound senses, only to lay dormant and not be effective in any form or fashion?  Definitely not!!! Even if you tried desperately to fight your feelings and hide your sexual disgust, something or someone can turn you on–if you open your mind to the wonders of pure sexual delight.  When you incorporate all 5 senses into your sexual style, when they finally touch, your genitals will automatically ignite into the “proactive” mode of sexual stimulation, sending you into a sexual frenzy.

The best approach toward the body for him (lips, ears, neck, nipples, navel, knees (front & back) and penis) and her (lips, neck (back and front), breasts, armpits, fingers, navel, all of the vagina) is to turn on your visual senses (sight) so that you SEE the body beautifully: as sexual and enticing.  Your touch will ignite your TASTE buds wanting you to explore his/her body with your supple lips, mouth and tongue; all that action is igniting the moans of sexual desire (sound).  The body is beautiful to taste, touch, hear, see and smell.  When you allow your energy into the mix as well, you are also stimulating his or her pheromones.

Pheromones are naturally occurring odorless substances the fertile body excretes externally, conveying an airborne signal that provides information to, and triggers responses from, the opposite sex of the same species.” – Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness

“In 1986 Dr. Winnifred Cutler, founder of Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness, and her colleagues conducted the first controlled scientific studies to document the existence of pheromones in humans. Prior to their landmark research, there were no conclusive indications that pheromones were excreted by humans.”  By 2005,  scientific literature recognized four different classes of pheromones that allow us to recognize or otherwise connect to each other. The human sex-attractant pheromones from Dr. Cutler’s expertise are the most important to us here at, Oral Satisfaction, and you can read more details about her pheromone research here.

In conclusion, exploring the sensitive regions of your partner’s body, stimulating your libido, and creating an enhanced sexual experience are natural and exciting steps to an OFS!

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Your lips are amazing erogenous zones that are very sensitive to the touch.  They are soft, supple, and attractive to look at, touch, taste and feel.  Now, imagine your lips traveling over your partner’s body: focusing on their erogenous zones, creating sexual stimulation.

On a Man, yes, men do have multiple erogenous zones, and they are: his nipples, neck, lips (of course), and knees (the back and front) are very sensitive; then his lovely navel, the hair line that leads to his Rock of Gibraltar and, of course, the waiting soldier that is standing at attention.

Now, when you focus your ATTENTION on her erogenous zones, you have struck gold.  Her entire body is an erogenous zone, sensitive to the touch, and sexually stimulating just to look at.  Get busy and don’t leave until she climaxes in your mouth.

Some of her erogenous zones are: luscious lips (of course), her neck (back and front), supple beautiful breasts, curvaceous hips, navel, the back of her knees, and her Venus butterfly.  I hope that you are not in a rush, because you’ll need to get lost in this vast garden of pleasure to truly enjoy it.

Kissing, focusing your attention on each other’s erogenous zones, sharing your passion and sensuality to the sight, sound, taste, touch and smell of your partner’s body will usher in the many joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.

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