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Source: Wikipedia UConn Huskies Page

Source: Wikipedia
UConn Huskies Page

Congratulations to coach Kevin Ollie and the UConn Men’s Basketball team for winning the National State Championship last night.  A worthy win for a group of men who was counted out and not expected to win.  To all the Nay-Sayers…watch and weep!!!

UConn last night was poetry in motion and, literally, “shooting” stars that were focused, driven, and on a mission to win this National Championship. ‎ But one star did shine much brighter than the rest, Shabazz Napier who was relentless and determined to win for himself and his awesome teammates, and he did just that.  He won this same title in his freshman year at UConn and chose not to leave his team until he helped capture another win, of which he did.  A Star is Born…

Shabazz Napier scored a game-high 22 points to lead the Huskies while Ryan Boatright added 14 points. James Young tallied 20 points for the Wildcats.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the hungry Huskies,” Napier said. “We worked so hard for it.”

Coach Ollie:


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