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Recently, my girlfriend introduced me to the app Coffee Meets Bagel; I signed up and was really impressed. I did get a few interesting guys to chat with, but nothing led to a date. Their concept is pretty cool. They ask three basic questions (so you think) and match you up with guys who see the same questions and provide answers that are very similar to yours. When you have been on for about a month, though, the manipulation begins. You can only sign on through Facebook, and they started asking “governmental” type questions. As a result, I’m out, dropped the mic, and deleted it from my smartphone.

Fast forward, instead of Coffee Meets Bagel, how about Coffee Meets Oral Sex? Kudos to the Swiss, who add simple spice to one’s simply boring life. Add sex to the coffee bar menu and turn it into a delectable fascination that leaves you sipping on a cup of Joe, while having your dick sucked. Literally seeing your own cream re-routed to her lips for a small fee. Simply brilliant!!! In the best of ways, men are the simplest creatures that truly exist. Feed them, fuck them (which includes sucking their dicks also), and let them enjoy their sports. Love it!!!

I recently enjoyed listening to a Real Time with Bill Maher podcast (#lmao), which aired on August 6, 2016, featuring a segment called “Future Headlines…” and I heard him jokingly announce that Switzerland is opening a Fellatio Cafe that caterers to men who can order coffee and enjoy a blow job in the process. #Amazing!!! The Swiss are on to something, like Amsterdam being open to legal prostitution. They get it; you have to always be true to thyself. And SEX matters in the world; everyone seems to understand that, with the exception of America.


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America, yes, we tend to hide behind our sexual secrets and our appetite for sex so much so that it can appear oral sex does not matter in this country. But, I ask you, in what world? AGAIN, men LOVE having their dicks sucked!!! And, sex sells!!! Just look at the facts and statistics behind the porn industry. Most women are aware that we live in a patriarchal society where men can continue to age, ass old like Chuck Scarborough on NBC News Channel 4, and it’s ok. Whereas Joan London, Jane Pauley, Sue Simon were all replaced because they aged out. How is that okay? Just because “it’s our society”, so we just don’t talk about it.

However, the pure bullshit manipulation that our society continues to convey toward women is malarkey (just asked VP Joe Biden). Women are waking up and finding that their sexual appetites are real and they want to feed them. The majority of women love having their pussy eaten, which also explains why heterosexual relationships with women are shrinking and they are finding lesbian relationships more fulfilling. Kudos to embracing your true self and experiencing a guaranteed orgasm. Society wants women to now believe that oral sex is dangerous, sickly, and causes diseases. Encouraging some men, who already don’t embrace the female oral sex craving, not to indulge because it’s very bad for their health. BUT, YET, YOU STILL WANT YOUR DICKS SUCKED!!!

Read more about the Swiss Fellatio Cafe at

Read more about the Swiss Fellatio Cafe at

My suggestion, have a sip of coffee in hopes that you can get your dick sucked. Because they are looking for ways to offer the same life pleasures to women in Switzerland. #Pussy #Oral #Oralsex #Blowjob #BJ

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

Just ask Colin Cowherd of The Herd on ESPN Radio, whom I totally agree with.

Some back story…
Yesterday, I had the pure pleasure of listening to The Herd  on ESPN Radio (Love this guy!).Colin Cowherd ESPN Radio Show Snapshot 2.5.2014

This guy is honest, candid and raw about his commentary on current events, but mainly sports; I LMAO every time I tune in to his show (10am – 1pm ET). Cowherd and Jason Whitlock were discussing Super Bowl 48, Peyton Manning, and the Seahawks.  Whitlock stated that Peyton is “yes, one of the 10 best quarterbacks of all time.  But the media tends to elevate him, and it’s not warranted.”

What was funny about the conversation is that Whitlock called the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl because of their speed and quickness, plus having youth on their side.  They were just the better team all around; validated when they were called the number #1 Defense Team in the NFL this year.

Cowherd agreed with Whitlock, but voted for Peyton to win.  He totally ignored the obvious, that the Seattle Seahawks were the better team all around and would win the Super Bowl.  It was out of respect for Peyton Manning.  “There’s nothing wrong with being wrong,” stated Whitlock, when it comes to play-off predictions, and then, that the media needs to own up and man-up instead of “offending” Peyton Manning by not saying what they feel to be the truth.

I agree with Whitlock and picked the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.  The end results were totally embarrassing to Peyton and the Broncos, in my opinion, because they got their asses whipped in front of millions viewers.  This might not tarnish Peyton Manning’s legacy, but it’s a part of his resume and he can’t erase it.

This conversation brought out Cowherd’s opinion on “Parity.”  Loved it!!! He was funny as hell, and I totally agree with him that Parity in America does not exist.  In what f*cking world…?

Let me explain…

Recently, the FDA voted against approval for a female’s version of Viagra, because our libidos do not matter and we don’t need to climax like men.  BULLSHIT!!!  In what world, Assholes in Washington?  Men love oral sex and having their dicks sucked.  Well, guess what? Women love, love, love oral sex as well, because that is one sure way for us to climax.  Dah!!  Where is the parity bullshit in this scenario?  It does not exist.

Just like Cowherd stated that Parity does not exist in Sports, especially in the NFL—it definitely does not exist when it comes to the expectation and enjoyment of oral sex between men and women.  Oral sex is still taboo in the 21st century and treated as being in the same vein as porn.  While the majority of Americans want the rest of us to believe they shun the very existence of porn and refuse to have any association with it, there is no denying that it is definitely a multi-billion-dollar industry right here in America.

Thanks, Cowherd, for taking a bold stance and expressing that Parity is pure bullshit and a joke in America, because it does not exist, and I agree with you.

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News flash!  Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club. Today women also want to enjoy the Pleasure Journey of climaxing during sex, especially after experiencing amazing oral sex.  But, oral sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and the Leave It to Beaver Era is still closed-minded to sexual gratification done in this manner.  Well, the Leave It to Beaver Era is over and done with, and modern women desperately want to achieve an orgasm during sex.

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