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#Lord #GordDownie, may your #rest in #Peace! Much #Love, and thanks for sharing your  #self with the world. Your light will always #shine #bright.  #PeaceMyBrother

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“Pleasure…is not a luxury, but a profound psychological need.” – Nathaniel Branden.

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Source: Peter Maltha Pinterest Board

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais
Source: Peter Maltha
Pinterest Board

What are your needs and wants when it comes to sex?  Are you shy or verbal about expressing to your partner the things that turn you on or what doesn’t.

Sex, oral sex, and foreplay are simple pleasures of life that satisfy our sexual cravings.  Sex is a need; oral sex is a need; and foreplay is a need that heightens your sexual desires.

The 5 simple pleasures of life are built from or encouraged by your belief system, whether jaded or not; our perceptions about sex, oral sex, and intimacy in general can be misconstrued by our belief system.

Oral sex is the new kiss, and kissing is quintessential, a vital component that sets in motion your libido coming alive.

The 5 simple, sexy things in life that can keep you intrigued, happy, and ready for erotic action:

  • Seeing your partner’s body as a hot, sexy, vibrant machine with its engine running can really get you geared up for sexy play. Acknowledging him or her with a warm smile or embrace, just because, can get your motor running, too.
  • Listening to your partner’s voice can ignite your libido. It can be great to hear, “I am ready to fuck now,” but instead share the heat of that moment with him or her reminicing over the joy that you could give to one another or have shared in the past.
  • Smelling your partner’s phermones (or naturally released body odors) will intoxicate you, leaving you spellbound and ready for hot sex. Remember, though, to stop and smell the roses, and kiss him or her just to say, “Thank you for being you.”
  • Teasing your partner’s lips with a soft taste from your mouth and lips makes your heart race. Loving your partner without any conditions, showing complete love and appreciation can bring a sexy smile to those tasty lips, too!
  • Touching each other’s bodies, you feel energy building and transferring between you, and your excited bits are getting ready to dance a happy dance.  A happy dance could also be a waltz or jitter bug. Why not just sway in the breeze under your favorite willow or hold each other gently under a raging storm?

There are many simple pleasures in life, but the one common ground is that they all share  a solid core of happiness, delight, and joy.


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