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Keep Calm Continue Sucking My Dick 5.8.14 Blog

Most men are simple creatures and not complicated to say the least. And what the majority favor the most is SEX, and more of it.  It’s that basic and simple.  But what truly trumps sex is having their beautiful cocks sucked, stroked, and made love to.  It is what it is, Ladies, and you need to get with the program or at least try to understand this selfish desire.

Why selfish? Because the majority of men want it the majority of the time and rarely considers their female partner’s sexual needs, wants, or desires, like cunnilingus.

Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant starred in About Last Night and there were many funny scenes, but the one that stood out was the conversation with Regina Hall and Joy Bryant. Joy Bryant was talking to Regina Hall in the kitchen as she was telling Regina that Michael Ealy ate the cookie.  “No way girl, really?” said Regina Hall.  Regina said that Kevin didn’t “eat the cookie and don’t know what it is.”  Kevin enters the kitchen, “Good morning, Baby.” Then Regina to Kevin, “Who is Cunnilingus?” asked Regina.  Kevin responded, in his “Kevin-Heart, funny-as-hell, defensive” way, “I don’t know that bitch and never heard of her.”  Lmao!!!  That was some funny shit, but ironically true to some degree.  This is typical of some men but not all, because there are the exceptions to the rule who anticipate sharing oral sex with their female partners and truly enjoy helping them climax more easily this way.

All is not lost, though, when it comes to loving a man and his penis; it’s actually enjoyable for me because it shows his vulnerability.  Ladies, pay attention and learn. Men love having their dicks sucked, plain and simple, and the best way to his heart is sucking a mean dick.

Practice on a banana or watch porn, but learn this very important skill because its keeps them home or coming back for more sucking delights. I am practicing my deep-throat skills now, but my male counterpart always loses control when we should be practicing.  Minutes later, he has come in my mouth and that’s when the fun begins for me.

Ladies, while your mouth is filled with cum (not spunky, nasty tasting cum), bathe and massage that cum ALL OVER HIS PENIS with your wicked mouth, tongue, and hands.  I guarantee you that he will be begging you to “please stop” because it is too much to bear.  “Oh, really…? Sure, when I’m done!!” ;o)

At this point, I am ready to sit on his face and have him enjoy my delectable juices that have come alive. I then clean him with a hot washcloth, and after several rounds of sensual foreplay I get to sit on his dick as it is now my turn to come all over his penis, and he can delight in this climatic moment that we both truly enjoy and share.

Source: DolphinDivaHolly

Source: DolphinDivaHolly

Ladies, sucking dick is not bad, dirty, disgusting, or a show of disrespect toward you, far from the case.  By learning to suck or love on your man’s cock, it will show him how much you truly do love him; trust me.  But remember, Ladies, if you DON’T, SOMEONE ELSE WILL!!

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When you meet that special person who connects with you sexually, it only improves to greatness.  Kissing becomes KISSING, passion becomes PASSION, and sexual gratification becomes DEEP SEXUAL STIMULATION; now, you aim to please.  I love sucking my boyfriend’s dick, because he truly LOVES it; but, not more than I because I get TOTALLY turned on.  He is not into eating pussy, but HE is well aware that I MUST CLIMAX.  And I have to say that he gets an A+; because all he wants to do is get me so turned on that I can’t help but have the BIG O.  I LOVE climaxing, but the real joy comes during the

Pleasure Journey,

the buildup, the Foreplay.  When he comes home and we get ready for bed, we are definitely overjoyed with our sexual connection that’s bought about to satisfy our sexual needs, wants and desires.  He is perfect to me, and I enjoy him every time we connect.

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