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Source: "Candide's Notebook" August 2006 Post

Source: “Candide’s Notebook” August 2006 Post

When performing oral sex there is never a bad position, only good. Even if you closed your eyes, was spun around 1,000 times and landed right side up, the tongue would find its way to your lotus flower or lighting rod and give you the utmost pleasure during oral sex.

So don’t cheat yourself when you should treat yourself. When pussy or penis is served to you on a platter, grab your napkin, lick your lips, and get ready to dig in deep. It’s a desert that was made especially for you to devour and enjoy endlessly.

Imagine sitting down at the table and right in front of you is your partner’s wet luscious pussy or rock hard dick,  just inches away from your mouth. Dig in and get your healthy protein or sweet dripping cherry…

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In celebration of my AMAZING success this month, and my humble gratitude for ALL my WONDERFUL Blog Viewers, I want to say THANK YOU!!! Last night I hit over 100 viewers from around the GLOBE that checked out my blog!! Thank you for sharing your curiosity and inspiring me to continue to spread the joys, wonders and rewards of oral sex.  My latest find, and confirmation that oral sex is a beautiful thing, is this breathtaking and BOLD theme park that is located in South Korea called the Jeju Loveland.  Enjoy the videos and I promise you that I will kick off the month of June with a WINNER!!! ;O)

Source: "World Through My Eyes" Blog Post August 2013 

Source: “World Through My Eyes” Blog Post August 2013

This is a profound and very expressive piece of artwork for the world to visit and see.  Will the United States of America continue to snub its nose to oral sex or erotic sex?  It sure feels like that at times with the exception of the multi-billion-dollar porn industry and my amazing viewers.  Oral sex in the eyes of some Americans is still disgusting, nasty, and offensive; like in the state of Virginia it was once written law that you could get arrested if you got caught performing oral sex, but in 2003 that law was deemed unconstitutional. Damn right! And why did it take that long?  But we all know those who outright oppose this natural sexual stimulant due to their warped minds will most likely NOT turn down a hand or blow job behind closed doors.

I came across the kinkiest theme park called Jeju Loveland in South Korea, but not only kinky, I also find this park to be AMAZING and BRILLIANT!!!  This is so forward thinking and open-minded toward exploring the joys, wonders, and rewards of sex.  HELLO?! Who the hell isn’t, and who does not like kinky sex or oral sex?  I ABSOLUTELY do. ;o)

Source: Article November 2013

Source: Article
November 2013

This position is often referred to as “The Erotic End” according to The Cosmo Kama Sutra: 99 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions (page 223).  The Jeju Loveland theme park debuted in 2004, and “has been arousing tourists” from around the globe because it depicts “sexy situations between animals and humans and animals.”

Source: When On Earth Photo Gallery

Source: When On Earth Photo Gallery

The statues are mind-blowing works of art that clearly show various acts of oral sex, sexual stimulation, or genitals being stimulated.  There are many countries like South Korea that get it: like France or India who created the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex (love it).

Source: "Loveland on Jeju Island" Pinterest Board

Source: “Loveland on Jeju Island” Pinterest Board

I am asking you to EXPAND your mind, live vicariously through the eyes of the creators who contributed to the Jeju Loveland theme park, and have fun creating your own “amusement park” with sexual kinky enthusiasm. When I look at this photo, my pussy does twitch because I can visualize my Italian Lulu stimulating me with his finger.  Love this photo, and I am eager to take a trip to South Korea to see all of the 140 statues for myself.

Source: "World Through My Eyes" Blog Post August 2013

Source: “World Through My Eyes” Blog Post
August 2013

You can see Jeju Loveland theme park in action by watching this YouTube Video:

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