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“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

We the People of the Oral Sex Society, whose mantra is P2 (Passion for the Penis and Passion for the Pussy), wish to perform this natural sexual stimulation with our mouth, tongue and lips with no inhibitions or notions that oral sex is a disgusting or foul thing.  We will display our unadulterated affection, desires, needs and fulfillment toward our partner sexually, orally.  This constitution is to reassure, give peace of mind and acceptance that our choice and free will to perform oral sex will be respected and never compromised or made to feel like a pornographic act.

We respect and love our bodies by giving and receiving love, pleasure and joy by consuming the mouth, lips and tongue on our partner’s body so passionately and freely.  We understand the importance of a passionate kiss; the vital pro-active element behind foreplay; the desire to touch, taste, feel, hear and smell our partner’s erogenous zones; the “P” in Passion; and the dire need for sensuality during oral sex: all definitely leading to an amazing OFS (Orgasm For Sure).

Source: Pinterest 'Sexy Couples' Board Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

Source: Pinterest ‘Sexy Couples’ Board
Credit: Caliber Photography (click)

We will act accordingly within the privacy of our own homes, bedrooms and/or places that are not inappropriate or offensive to anyone else. But we will perform fellatio and/or cunnilingus on our spouses and/or partners because it’s our free-will and choice.

Oral Sex may not be for everyone as it is an outright expression of sexual stimulation that aims to please one partner in a very pleasurable way.  If you find this act outright offensive, please use your free will to turn the channel in your dull brain, and pray that your spouse and/or partner is not enjoying this amazing delight with your foe.

Sasha Medvedeva

Sasha Medvedeva

We choose to use our mouth, (“naughty”) tongue and lips to:

1)      Ignite your partner’s sexual libido by starting with a gentle, passionate, and sensuous inviting kiss
2)      Arouse your partner’s erogenous zones (For Her: Breast, nipples, neck, behind the ear, back, navel, buttocks, inner thighs and the pussy / For Him: Back of neck, ears, nipples, navel, perineum (located between the scrotum and anus), nipples, fingers, penis, anus, back and coccyx (tailbone)
3)      Use your partner’s body as a road map exploring the sensitive regions slowly
4)      Tease, stimulate, tantalize those very sensitive body parts, incorporating ALL your 5 Senses (sight, sound, smell, taste & touch)
5)      Kiss until you are intoxicated and can’t kiss any more
6)      Speak our wants and desires during sex, oral sex, and love making
7)      Sustain the peak of sexual gratification by  extending foreplay

I want you to pledge, right here, right now, to taste and touch with your mouth, lips, and tongue, while your eyes see, your noses smell, and your ears hear the joys, wonders and rewards from the displays of unadulterated pleasure from oral sex. You will actively share in your partner’s sexual escapade, created because your lips, mouth and tongue did all the hard work of giving pure pleasure. Know the joys that you can give and share with your partner so free and uninhibited are authentic. Never rush the art of oral sex, so both you and your partner can experience the joys, wonders and rewards that sensual oral sex can bring.

Take the pledge; swear to yourself and your partner that guaranteed orgasms from mutually beneficial oral sex will be the only orgasms you ever have again!

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Learn more about the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.
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“A Stiff Dick Has No Conscience” – Marion Young

I often get complaints from my single girlfriends about how it is that some men can fuck you one minute and fuck someone else right after.  All I can say to that is from a profound quote I heard many years ago from my friend’s mom: “A stiff dick has no conscience.”  It makes perfect sense to me, unfortunately, but it is what it is.  Try to find someone who can be faithful, if at all possible.

The trouble with orgasms is not being able to enjoy having one, especially for the ladies!

80% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm when they have sex.

That’s right, Ladies, a vast majority of us aren’t getting what a vast majority of men can get just having a dream at night.

“Many women have given up on the idea that they’ll ever have a satisfying sex life. In fact, most women believe that it is impossible for them to achieve an orgasm during sex. Well, that myth is totally untrue and false!” – Excerpt from my newest eBook Oral Satisfaction.

Let’s close the gap and make enjoying the healthy release from passionate sex a permanent fixture for women, helping them to achieve the long-awaited and much-needed “Big O.” Practicing (or initiating, Ladies, men don’t have to run the whole show!) passionate exploratory foreplay and stimulating steamy sexual gratification will heighten your Pleasure Journey so you, too, will experience an Orgasm for Sure! Give your man the road map to the stars, by helping him love and embrace all your Erogenous Zones making them so turned on that the slightest touch either of you makes will make you both climax.

The Joys, Wonders, and Rewards of Oral Sex.

A great way to enhance a delightful, wicked, fun-loving tongue.

SeXual Cosmos

This Christmas will no doubt see an abundance of Sex toys on santa’s x-mas list.

If your were thinking of of splashing out on something a little different then look no further…..picture2b163

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