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Jill was standing by her window, gazing out, when her nose starting twitching, which was an indication that her sexual “senses” were about to be activated. Her energy took on a life of its own and started running through her like a locomotive train. Damn… what the fuck, she thought. Who in the hell is activating my sexual appetite like this?  The limo pulled up in front of the building, and who came out was a stunning woman that left Jill speechless, and salivating.

Trisha sensed this sexual feeling rise as she got closer to her new penthouse residence. It was so strong, that as soon as she exited the limo, she looked up at the window and saw her. She immediately noticed her neck and beautiful full breasts, cleavage popping from the cups of her bra. “Mmmm, this is going to be easier than I thought, but not this soon.”

Jill wanted to run and hide her embarrassment, but she could not move. She was transfixed and mesmerized by this woman, wanting to make sure that she saw her completely.

Their eyes met, locked, and stared; neither knowing that the other’s pussy had started tingling and getting moist. Jill’s doorbell sounded and jolted her back to reality. Fuck!!!

“Who is it?” Jill answered the knock in a disgusted tone. It was the doorman, informing her that she had a package at the concierge desk. She thanked him and immediately sent him away. When she got back to the window, the woman she’d seen before was gone.

Now her pussy lips were tingling even more, her nipples were erect, and her pussy juices were starting to run down her legs. Another knock came to the door. Who the fuck is this knocking on my door, Jill thought. She went impatiently toward the door, opened the door in a huff… and the woman who had exited from the limo stood in front of her, delivering what must be her package. #Oral #Pussy #OralSex #Blowjob

“I think that this is yours?”

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“Babe, you feel how hard my dick is; grab it harder. I want your lips to make love to the head.”


Only Prince can write a song about giving a blow job, actually entitled Head.

“But I just a virgin
And I’m on my way to be wed
But you’re such a hunk
So full of spunk,
I’ll give you Head” – Prince

Simply brilliant!!!  Thanks, Prince, for never being shy about your sexuality, your freedom about sex, and singing about oral sex. Kudos!!! #Oral #Pussy #OralSex #BlowJob

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“Mmmm, tasting your pussy juices on my fingers and in my mouth is making me hunger for you more.”


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Claire loved the smell, touch, sight, sound, but most importantly the taste of the pussy. Each woman’s pussy will look, smell, taste, and respond differently to sexual gratification. The best pussy is a pussy that gets excited just because you are looking at it, and it will start to ooze with delight.

A sexually charged pussy is a pussy that gets excited after you have caressed it, played with it, teased it, or breathed on it… it will be receptive to anything that you want to do to it. It can handle you being rough with it, stroking it gently, admiring it, fingering it, but most importantly… tasting it until you become intoxicated by it’s flowing juices. #Oral #Pussy #Blowjob

Want to try it?


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“The beauty of seeing the body in an art form, gets your mind right to enjoy sexual pleasure.” – Tatiana

Yes, Scorpios know that we are generally described as being synonymous with one little action word: sex, but not the way you think. S.E.X. to a Scorpio is based on a deep energy that penetrates your core to create a Sexual Energy eXplicitly during sex. All of our five (5) senses are turned on to the highest, hottest degree to ignite our sexual desires to the fullest to enjoy.

Let’s look at the sense Sight, and I will explain…


Your mind is the biggest sex organ that you possess; and when it is about to get turned on sexually, it can’t just be a thought. When your mind locks on to sexual desire, it also ignites your libido, which gets you even more turned on. Exactly!

There is always beauty in the eye of the beholder, in that what you see sexually may not capture the attention of another the same way. Scorpios, like most zodiac signs, love sex; but sex with a Scorpio tends to be a little different.

Why? We are beyond passionate, intense, and just love the art of sex. Especially how our bodies respond to sex when touching, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling SEX. All of those components intoxicate a Scorpio because we don’t just see, taste, touch, smell, and hear during sex.  Au contraire.  We SEE, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, and HEAR the joys of what is going down during our sexual Pleasure Journey.

We must get lost during sex, feel the deep energy penetrating our loins so that when we do climax… it knocks us out.

Even a simple kiss is something that Scorpios do with intensity. We KISS with such vigor, passion that we can climax just by kissing our partners. We have to devour your mouth, lips and tongue so that we can become one with each other.

So stop pussy-footing around and get intimate, passionate and sensuous about your sexual Pleasure Journey; so that you can enjoy the ride.

Before sending you on your Pleasure Journey, I just have to take a second to honor the Veterans who have supported and are supporting this country, by dedicating their lives and too often paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. To that, I say, Thank You! #Oral #pussy #blowjob


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What man do you know, don’t like having his dick sucked? Do, tell lies!

It’s official; science has proven that “Women are twice as likely to go down on their partners as men,” according to a study in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. I am not surprised, which also influenced me writing my eBook, Oral Satisfaction.

However, there is still a divide in that some don’t like performing oral sex, but certainly enjoy it and want to receive it…

About 26% of women performed oral on their partners – compared with a measly 10% of men.

So, apparently some men actually think that women don’t want to have their pussies sucked or licked for taste during sex. And, somehow, mentally conceive that they are the only ones wanting to have and experience pleasure?! I guarantee you that if any one of those couples had read my eBook, both sides would have walked away with a greater knowledge of how to share and mutually enjoy guaranteed orgasms with oral satisfaction!! And those percentages would have been 100%!!

In my opinion, the poor “28% of women [, of the 26% who performed, who] claimed to actually enjoy the act” simply have not opened their minds to allow themselves to explore their fantasies or get in touch with their sexuality. They may even reserve “her man” as the only one who should enjoy sex. On the other hand, “52% of men enjoy it (despite the fact they’re not really doing it).” It seems to me that the men who responded may like the idea of performing orally for their partners rather than actually performing the act; something of a double standard, if you ask me, which tends to stem from the misogynist mindset that women don’t deserve to have sexual arousal or orgasm like men during the sex act.

Remember, fellas, when you take exceptional care of a woman’s body; the way that she sucks your dick will never be the same. She will worship your dick, love on your dick, and nurture your dick… BUT… It will only match the worship of, love of, and nurturing of her pussy that you offer–think of it as giving the same respect and love to her pussy that you give to your most prized possession, like your favorite sports team.

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

Oral Sex Compliments Stephen Colbert
The Late Show!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I am a fan and dedicated watcher of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, because it guarantees me an LOL every time. He is simply the funniest man alive, who generally doesn’t give a crap about stupid shit or hatred just because.

His opening monologues are imbedded with passion and satire; they are typically overt and deliberate at times. And, I’m glad to see that CBS has embraced his hilarious candor; making him a huge success on the late night circuit.

The other night he took a journey to New Orleans to meet Jon Batiste, the ever so talented, young musical director who graduated from Julliard to meet Jon’s high school jazz piano instructor, Mr. Mike Pellera to get an inside look about jazz and Jon’s love for it. After Stephen promoted and gave a shout-out to Jon and his Stay Human Band’s album drop date, Stephen felt that he was ready to perform with Jon and the band.

What I love about the video are the underlying, hidden sexual undertones that Stephen shared with the world to see. It was hilarious and definitely sexually suggestive, which inspired me to write today’s post.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Watch and LYAO (laugh your ass off). At the start, Stephen gets into the rhythm comfortably (like the start of sex) giving Jon direction on proper cue; he licks his lips making them juicy and ready to love on the trumpet. Oral sex gets you ready by helping your juices flow freely, which makes you ready for the climb of excitement! Stephen’s lips do not hold back, but become one with the trumpet, loving on the trumpet, enjoying every moment… Oral sex does the same thing! Once you’re in the act of oral sex, there is no turning back because the passion drives you headfirst into something wonderful!

Even though Stephen was having fun, he does take your mind to the joys of oral sex. His actions were very suggestive and somewhat instructive for how your mouth and tongue should function on a phallic object. Kudos to Stephen Colbert for showing the fun in Oral Satisfaction by having fun “performing love” on the trumpet.

Learn how to love on your partner’s sexual instrument, and pick up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, from for your computer, tablet, or phone.

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Yes, I am very proud to be a scorpio

Yes, I take the art of sex seriously as I do wear my badge of honor with pride. Being born under the horoscope of a Scorpio comes with perks, but disappointments as well.


News Flash! Oral sex is a part of sex and is here to stay. Super-mega TV producer, Shonda Rhimes, writes about it all the time in her mega hit show How To Get Away With Murder. Oral sex is now woven into the fabric of America’s life, and across the globe, yet still taboo in the 21st Century.

Beautiful Black Women

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I welcome you into my sweet sexiness with legs wide open. But, you must be open to drop to your knees and taste my flowing juices . . . or the deal is off!

Boudoir Shoot Ideas

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I am willing to straddle a chair and let you caress my back-side . . . only if you lick me dry when I start to drip!

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

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If you choose to disappoint me . . . oh, ’tis not true! I will find other relaxing movements to forget that you ever existed . . .

Bad Girl Quotes

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. . . which is where I expect you to now drop to your knees and be my bitch! Then I will allow you to fuck me hard and long, beating my pussy until I squirt all over your dick.


Sexy Motivation

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So, do I have your undivided attention? If I do, it’s my turn to tantalize you with my mouth-watering tongue that I will now trace all over your body. I promise not to stop making love to your beautiful penis until you are rock hard and ready to burst inside my wet, soothing mouth. I love oral sex and the many mysteries that it brings forth . . . unadulterated pleasure that is completely inviting to the body!

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.

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