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Who does not enjoy #OralSex…?

If a manual car clutch can enjoy the likes of #OralSex, so can you.

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Oral Sex Salutes Late Night Host, Stephen Colbert!

Screencap Source: Click News

Screencap Source: Click News

On Friday, October 2, Late Night host, Stephen Colbert’s guest was Ruth Wilson of the Showtime hit drama, The Affair. Wilson explained to Colbert that she was getting bored with her orgasmic scenes that only showed her delivering the goods to her co-host and his face was not being shown. TV tends not to show the male counterpart’s face during an orgasm, but will show the female’s face during one. Like, they will show her breast, but nothing erotic about his body. Once in a while you might get a quick buttocks scene. She said, “Not!” They should not only show her climaxing, but him as well. “This is an equal playing field and he needs to share in this moment as well.”

Showtime granted her wishes, and she won her request! This has the power to revolutionize TV again; men need to be shown having an orgasm as well; especially on her hit drama series, The Affair.

Well, knowing Stephen Colbert’s wonderful mind and interesting sense of humor, he ran with this segment and created laugh-out-loud scenarios with Ruth. Being on a major network like CBS, there are rules and regulations that one must follow…right, Stephen?  So they decided not mention the word “orgasms” or act it out, staying in line with CBS standards.

However, (LOL), Stephen, with help from Ruth, did act out different “face” scenarios that look like you’re having an orgasm. LMAO!!! Simply brilliant, Stephen; thanks!!!

Mum’s the word, women love having orgasms, if they can find one.

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

A huge shout-out to Showtime, who always leads the way in showing and airing top-rated shows with sexual freedom. Kudos!

Masters of Sex

Queer as Folk

House of Lies

The L Word

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Source: Pinterest

Make sure you are giving your lover more than enough “face time” and go enjoy some oral satisfaction!

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Wanted . . . Oral Sex Advocate!

Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

Wanted! An oral sex advocate who is passionate about the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex, and who is not ashamed to convey a positive message about orgasms. Who can speak on the importance of the female orgasm and why it is as significant as a man’s orgasm. Well, I have a winner, hands down: comedian Amy Schumer gets the job!  Recently interviewed by ET’s Brandon Fraiser on the red carpet, she spoke openly and candidly, “Men, news flash, women want to have orgasms, too!”

One sure way of a woman climaxing is by way of oral sex. Not surprisingly to me, more women are eager, excited, and welcoming to having oral sex performed on them. They are burning away the shy mindset that oral sex is dirty or disgusting.

Oral sex has been around for centuries, and was even mentioned by former First Lady Barbara Bush in a famous quote about Bill Clinton‘s memory.

Source: TV Guide

Source: TV Guide

Amy Schumer is now my Shero; who proudly said on Entertainment Tonight that women also enjoy having orgasms as much as men. WOW!!! WAY TO GO, AMY!!!

Amy Schumer To Women Everywhere: ‘You’re Entitled To Orgasm’

What makes you think that I don’t enjoy or want to have or enjoy having orgasms? Why would you want to deny my wanting to enjoy the same sexual pleasures that you enjoy? Do you know my body and how it functions or operates?  I have a ‘little penis’, much like your ‘regular’ penis. Shame on you!!! Just think, without my Pink Ice, your sad dick would function like a robotic pencil; in a pencil sharpener trying to sharpen your broken head.

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Oral sex: an opportunity for all to enjoy . . . want to play?

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Source: Pinterest

“Hey, there are two people here. I’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, have you met my clit?’ Don’t be self-conscious.” – Amy Schumer

Amy has no shame, and neither should you! Are you getting your oral satisfaction?!

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Ali Wentworth, Oral Sex Salutes You!

Source: Huffington Post "Third Metric Live" Promo Page

Source: Huffington Post “Third Metric Live” Promo Page

Recently, Ali Wentworth was on Kelly & Michael and she announced on national TV that she gave her husband George Stephanopoulos a BJ, and even though it was inferred to the audience it was clear they understood.

Today, the P2 Oral Sex Community salutes Ali Wentworth for standing up and being counted within the P2 community! Alongside those who love & enjoy getting their pussies and dicks sucked on a regular basis. More power to the P2 Community and Ali Wentworth.

Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown















Alexandra Wentworth, aka Ali Wentworth, is a former cast member on the Fox sketch comedy series In Living Color from 1992 to 1994, where she was known for impressions of Cher, Amy Fisher, Hillary Clinton, Princess Diana, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Stone, and others. She is married to George Stephanopoulos, chief correspondent on ABC’s Good Morning America and who was recently in hot water for finally coming clean about his alleged unbiased relationship with the Clintons.

What I do find very interesting is that the 4 top networks, ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX, will never allow the words oral sex to be mentioned on air. Because they believe it’s portrayed stereotypically, meaning it’s “only associated” with pornography. Really?! Whereas, a woman who is “bossy”, strong, and outspoken is often described on TV as a bitch and often times called a bitch right on air.

The boldest move ever was done by Shonda Rhimes (my Shero), ABC’s award-winning producer and creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away with Murder aired shocking, mind-blowing scenes in How to Get Away with Murder. There was a scene where Viola Davis was receiving cunnilingus, and another scene where a gay couple was about to have sex and the other performs a BJ. Both scenes left very little to the imagination.

I can guarantee you that the phrase ‘oral sex’ will be a household word one day, spoken on television, and be the #newsex before the turn of a new century.

Listen to a Brother who knows…“Fellas, eat that pussy!”

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Make sure you stand and get counted with the P2 Community; be like Ali Wentworth and enjoy some oral satisfaction!

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 “All the Way In!”

Google+ Post

Google+ Post

Life is too short to do anything half-assed. From thinking about your life, career changes, work ethic, sex, oral sex, or even the commercial for PDiddy’s new fragrance, which is banned in the US because it’s too sexually racy and controversial. In my opinion, when you do anything, it should be done all the way in. Why half-step on life?  If you are not enjoying what you are doing, why do it? I am an extremist and never live in the grey areas because “it is what it is.”  We live . . . we die, we laugh . . . we cry, you either love sex or you hate it. You either love Oral Sex, or you hate it. Whatever you choose is your choice, and no one should have the power to make you feel bad about your choice, which should only impact your life’s decisions.

Puffy “Diddy” Combs (aka PDiddy) does just that . . . ALL the way in! With his new fragrance ad, featuring his hot, sexy girlfriend Cassie is steamy. Love it!!

Oral sex is a comforter, a soother, a relaxer, a fixer that gets you hot and ready to explode. The great thing about Oral Sex is that if you are not all the way in you are truly wasting your precious time.

Oral sex could never be on half-assed or as a teaser, because it is the one sure thing that will take you to the point of no return on your sexual climatic journey!

ALL THE WAY IN means no hesitation with:

  • Kissing – you should never peck your partner but passionately kiss your partner to heighten your sexual energy!
  • Foreplay – Just a simple hug and a simple touch of her breast or his penis is BORING!!! ALL your 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell) should be on overdrive and fueling your sexual energy. When you look at your partner it should turn you on. The noise that you hear during your sexual escapade should get your juices flowing wildly. Tasting his or her lips, tongue, and saliva should be increasing your sexual energy. ALL 5 senses alive and active can fuel your pheromones into overdrive and set your previously timid libido on fire!
  • Igniting the Pleasure Journey – I love the sight of a beautiful, rock hard cock. My Pink Ice will start to melt as its hot pepper sensation soars. Touching, caressing, kissing, and licking a penis is joy to my pussy as the juices start to flow. You are the only person who can bring on the sexual excitement, because it’s your mind that must be open to sexual excitement ALL THE WAY IN, or you will lose out every time. Your sexual partner is there to help you get to the finish line, but you must be willing to run the race!

Most men and women love pussy because its addictive qualities want you to dig in deep, all the way in, until your dick and pussy is ambushed with wetness, oozing with tasty, delightful nectar. Oral sex is all or nothing because it warrants your focus, passion, intensity, and commitment to give you an explosive sexual appetite.

Good oral sex will constantly leave a lasting, deep, burning desire gene that makes you crave again, again, and again for this lustrous, delectable, and wonderful habit over, over, and over again.


You know who else goes all the way in? King Lebron and his Cleveland Cavaliers! Congrats to my boys on winning the Eastern Conference!

Be sure to check out all the best ways to go all in with oral satisfaction!

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 “Stop the Madness!”

Source: "Cuddle Me Hardcore" Pinterest Board

Source: “Cuddle Me Hardcore” Pinterest Board

Oral sex is definitely a part of the fabric of our sexual rendezvous lives; however, it’s still viewed as a small tear on a huge, warm blanket on a cold, brisk night.

My eBook, Oral Satisfaction, clearly spells out the importance of why oral sex is vital and very significant during one’s sex journey. It guarantees an OFS (Orgasm For Sure). Dah! Also, being a part of the misfits of society or the P2 generation does put you at an advantage. Why? Because statistical oral sex lovers outnumber the dull, uneventful, boring ass sex lives in society. Boo-hoo-hoo! Life is about choices . . . so, choose wisely and climax in the process.

Here is a treat for you . . .

The folks at “The Generous Husband” blog conducted a survey a couple years ago on the topic of oral sex, and I’m presenting these results, along with the survey graphs, to you to prove how important oral sex is to a successful sexual relationship!

So, for full disclosure, back in July 2012, an oral sex survey was conducted and “309 women and 759 men answered . . . and 0.1% of the men thought oral sex was morally wrong.”

Source: "ThickGirls2013" Tumblr Post

Source: “ThickGirls2013” Tumblr Post

With that in mind . . .

How Wives Feel Performing Oral Sex . . .

Source: The Generous Husband/"Oral Sex Survey" 2012 Results

Source: The Generous Husband/”Oral Sex Survey” 2012 Results

Ladies’ thoughts on doing their husband orally:

  • The majority of women say they like performing oral sex on their husband. Fifty percent said they enjoy it because he does. Forty-one percent really like it and get turned on doing it, and 16% say they love it and it drives them wild to do it. Don’t feel bad asking, she may be happy to do it.
  • Seventeen percent don’t like it, but do it “for him”. Nothing wrong with that, but if this is your wife, limit how often she does it and let her know how much it blesses you.
  • The biggest problem was ejaculation, with just over a quarter saying they like doing oral except for ejaculation. Ask her to start with her mouth and finish some other way.
  • Nine percent complained their guy wants them to finish him orally when they would rather have intercourse, and 8% are afraid if they do it, he will want nothing else. Let her know you like it, but it’s not the only thing you like.
  • Seven percent can’t tell if he is enjoying it, 8% are afraid they can’t do it right, and 8% feel stupid when the do it. Show your appreciation!
  • Four percent say it brings up bad memories. Time may change this, but pushing her to try will only make it worse.
  • Seven percent think it would be okay if he washed first. REALLY, guys? Come on!
  • Eleven percent think it’s gross. I wonder how many of those also said they don’t like ejaculation or their guy does not wash? If she says it’s gross, ask if there is a way you could make it less gross.
Source: "Boudoir Photo Ideas" Pinterest Board

Source: “Boudoir Photo Ideas” Pinterest Board

How Wives Feel About Receiving Oral Sex . . .

Source: The Generous Husband/"Oral Sex Survey" 2012 Results

Source: The Generous Husband/”Oral Sex Survey” 2012 Results

Ladies’ thoughts on being done orally by their husband:

  • Thirty-six percent like how excited their husband gets by doing it. She enjoys you enjoying it – and it probably makes her feel less selfish about it. If you like it, let her know how much you like it!
  • Thirty-six percent like it as foreplay, but would rather finish with intercourse. Most women like intercourse. (Even among those who never climax from it, most feel a need for it.) If you want to do oral on her, make it clear it’s her choice how things end.
  • Twenty-five percent are only open to it if they just showered, 17% can’t understand why he is willing to do it, and 8% say they feel gross when he does it. This is a major block to women accepting oral sex and to enjoying it if they do accept it. Work to convince her you do not find it gross, but actually enjoy it (see the men’s stats below for help with that).
  • Eighteen percent said it was their favourite sex act. You need to know if your bride is one of these, and if she is, make oral part of most sex acts.
  • Thirteen percent like to climax orally if he finishes before she does during intercourse. Don’t make her ask, go for it.
  • Ten percent say they don’t get oral nearly as often as they would like. Ask your bride if she wants a bit more oral, or a lot more oral.
  • Eleven percent enjoy oral, but can’t climax from it. If she can’t get there from oral, give her some pleasure then move on. Don’t make it a point of pride!
  • Eight percent said it’s the only sure way they can climax, and 4% said it’s the only way they can climax at all. If this is your bride, give her what she needs.
Source: "Above Your Love" Tumblr Post

Source: “Above Your Love” Tumblr Post

How Husbands Feel Performing Oral Sex . . .

Source: The Generous Husband/"Oral Sex Survey" 2012 Results

Source: The Generous Husband/”Oral Sex Survey” 2012 Results

The men’s thoughts on doing their wife:

  • Forty-five percent of men love the smell/taste, and another 34% like it. That means 79% of men ENJOY how a woman’s genitals taste and smell. What’s more, only 4% said they dislike the smell/taste.
  • Sixty-eight percent of men say doing it turns them on. Only 2% said they do it but don’t like it. So, it’s not “just for her” – he enjoys it.
  • Fourteen percent want to try, but are told no.
  • Ten percent would like to do it to orgasm, but she says no. Only 6% like to do it but don’t want to finish her that way. Ladies, don’t feel selfish, he wants to!
Source: "BDSM" Pinterest Board

Source: “BDSM” Pinterest Board

How Husbands Feel Receiving Oral Sex . . .

Source: The Generous Husband/"Oral Sex Survey" 2012 Results

Source: The Generous Husband/”Oral Sex Survey” 2012 Results

And finally men’s thoughts on their wife giving them oral:

  • Forty percent want it more often. But keep reading.
  • Thirty-one percent don’t care if she swallows or not, 27% would like it but it’s not important to them, and 4% don’t want her to swallow. That’s two thirds who are fine with you not swallowing. Only 8% said swallowing was important to them.
  • Twenty-three percent want it only for foreplay, preferring to finish with intercourse. Conversely, 11% say it’s their favourite sex act. Ladies, a few men may only want oral, but they are the minority.
  • Twenty-three percent get oral sex, but not to climax.
  • Twenty-one percent say they enjoy how excited she gets doing it.Fifteen percent feel she is just going through the motions. Attitude is a big part of oral sex.
  • Fourteen percent say her not doing it is a minor problem for their sex life, while 5% say it’s a major problem. However, this is more than half of those not getting it, so for those being told no it’s an issue.
  • Eight percent worry they are using their wife when she does oral. Ladies, don’t do it if you feel used, and let him know you would not if you did.

Well, there you have it. Straight out of other couples’ mouths, but are the opinions so different from your own? Probably not. Where do you fall in the percentages listed above? Are you the majority, minority? Somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments.

Otherwise, be sure to check out all the best ways to give and receive oral satisfaction!

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 Mmmmm, Good!

Source: "That's Naughty..." Pinterest Board

Source: “That’s Naughty…” Pinterest Board

I love oral sex and the joys that it brings to my clit, my pulsating luscious lips, and me—that smile between orgasmic contractions. My Italian Lulu, who claims that he does not eat pussy, but will enjoy mine on occasion, is quite shocking when he does surprise me. It is explosive, orgasmic, and fucking amazing!!! He eats my pussy as if he is expressing his enduring love for me.

Source: "lust n love" Pinterest Board

Source: “lust n love” Pinterest Board

Sex is a universal language that many understand and enjoy. Oral sex, on the other hand, is still taboo and gets a bad rap. Since I launched my blog in 2013, I have released my ebook on Amazon and have over 13,000 fans that have viewed my blog; I have yet to hit record selling numbers on Amazon.

Source: "Just Simply Sex" Pin Board

Source: “Just Simply Sex” Pin Board

My eBook introduction contained an iconic quote from former First Lady Barbara Bush…“Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is.” What was so amazing about this quote is that Mrs. Bush made a public statement about the impact of oral sex—and it was from a woman’s perspective. Everyone knows that oral sex will leave a lasting impression on you, but it took a conservative former First Lady to state it boldly when everyone else was just thinking it.

Oral sex is a brand in itself that speaks a universal language, as well.  Check out this video I found on You Tube.  It’s sexually charged, clearly does not hide its love of oral sex, and the blatant erotic sexual overtones draw you in to enjoy and get fired up.  I sure did.  Check it out…

Serebro is a Russian girl group that consists of members Olga Seryabkina, Polina Favorskaya, and Dasha Shashina. In appreciation, this hot, orally suggestive video is a treat for you, all the 13,000+ viewers who have visited my Oral Sex Blog. And, as an additional gift, starting today, Monday, March 16th, you can download my ebook, Oral Satisfaction, for FREE on Amazon.  My goal, with your help, is to have 13,000 copies downloaded  . . . so get busy!  For every download, please, also rate my ebook.  Thank you, in advance, and I look forward to writing even more feisty stories, anecdotes, and recommendations to enjoying great oral sex.

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Source: "Hot Stuff" Pinterest Board

Source: “Hot Stuff” Pinterest Board

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