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Oralicious, The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy and Passion




“In complete darkness, we are ALL the same.  It is ONLY our knowledge and wisdom that separates us; don’t let your eyes deceive you.” Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation Album

Source Image: Jessenia Veras for MTM Photography

Source Image: Jessenia Veras for MTM Photography

For over three decades, I have been sharing this amazing quote from Janet Jackson, as it does speak volumes of truth to the world.  In the 21st century, race, sexual orientation, and oral sex do matter to the closed-minded Americans who still pass judgment on people who want to live their lives as they wish.  Living in your glass houses must be scary and eventful, because at any given moment your perfect world can come crashing down and shatter into a million pieces.  Oh well..!!!

Tatiana Carrera Original

“To know ME
Is to Love ME
Just because.” 

Source: Ines Rau and Tyson Beckford for OOB Magazine

Source: Ines Rau and Tyson Beckford for OOB Magazine

“Ines Rau is having a moment right now thanks to an editorial with Tyson Beckford in the new issue of OOB, a French fashion magazine, that’s so steamy my glasses have legit fogged up. Marvel at it all here, I encourage you. Rau is a 24 year-old model based in Paris, who transitioned at 16.  While she’s just getting started in the industry, she’s got the body to go FAR.” – Cosmopolitan Magazine (Pics in the list are mislabeled.)

To Ines Rau and other hot, sexy transgender women around the globe, you are a delight to see and embrace without any conditions.   Much Love, respect and admiration to the LBGT Community around the Globe for life! 
From Tatiana

Watch a music video from Filipino boy band 1:43 honoring the sexiest Filipino transgender women here:


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“More women have gotten off with my tongue than with my penis.”
Former Porn Star Ron Jeremy

May will be our breakout month because it’s National Masturbation Month; loving, devoted, pure unadulterated pleasure to self is definitely not a bad thing.  Also, this shows your commitment to pleasing others, because you learn how to please others by pleasing yourself first.  Learning what you like; learning what feels good. When you love yourself, it’s easier to love others sexually without any hindrances.

Recently, I read the June Cosmopolitan Magazine featuring hot, gorgeous Chrissy Teigen, who truly makes sexy look so easy, and they did a feature on “Your Complete Guide to Oral Sex”, which was refreshing to read.

Ron Jeremy’s statement is quite true, in that a male friend of mine confirmed why men also love oral sex.  The reason is that a women’s mouth never expands and it stays wet/moist making it totally enjoyable, especially if your penis is not circumcised.  Because all four poles (north, east, south and west of the penis) are being stimulated, making the oral-sexual experience more mind blowing.

For women, oral sex is the new kiss and a guaranteed “orgasmic closer” for us, in other words it can seal the deal.  I love when my pussy is made love to, with an added touch of finger fucking as well.  Getting me ripped and ready to pop any minute.  I require sexual stimulation in the form of intense kissing, caressing, tasting, touching, and mouth massaging over all my body parts, which turns me and my partner on beyond description.

So, for the month of May, let’s continue to love on self but also share that love orally with the ones we love and enjoy.

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