Source Image: "Reckless Writings" on Tumblr

Source Image: “Reckless Writings” on Tumblr

Weekends are made and designed for you to enjoy life; STOP and smell the roses.  From working long hard hours at a tedious job that you just don’t like, 8+ hours or more, 5 to 7 times a week with possible weekends; the only thing on your mind should be to release the toxins and stress from the mind, body and spirit. For women, shopping is generally at the top of the list, and for men its sports, sports and sex, and more sex to relieve stress.

Guess what, Women;
sex is also an AMAZING stress reliever.

How does one move their mind into thinking along this line to do just that…have sex and more sex (a.k.a. oral sex). Why oral sex?  Well, for one thing, especially for women, IT WILL GUARANTEE YOU AN OFS.  It also helps you get in the mood and ignites your libidos faster making it much easier to climax.

Can you image at the start of sex, a peck on the lips to get you excited and ready to fuck now?  No, Lulu, it is not that simple.  In what world?  Definitely not my world.  I require and expect intense sexual stimulation that will ignite my pussy to want to dance the pork-sex jig!

When a man’s mindset is TOTALLY focused on SEX his penis will tell him to get busy and bring this dick home.  It’s nice and hard; it’s because the blood has flowed to both heads and he is ready to climax.  The more that gets deposited into your Pleasure Journey (for men and women) the stronger the desire, the more intense the climax; and it’s much easier for you to climax again.



Let your imagination run wild into each other’s loving arms and fuck like the hare, winning out over the tortoise to the finish line this time.

Really get those creative, sexual  juices flowing and pick up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, for your computer, tablet, or phone!

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