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#Kudos to #Sexy Lexxy keeping it real about lick it, suck it, fuck it and eating the #PinkIce. She reps about Oral Sex and its finest…it’s the same sexual energy you need in order to bring the thunder and shut shit down so that you can experience an explosive, orgasmic combustable orgasm.

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Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing, and gifted rapper by the name of #LosDon. Whose passion came across in every note, lyric and rhythm that he struck. Sexiness over the top; and true to the #GCode.  He worked effortlessly, focused, just to deliver a stellar video for you to soon enjoy.  A solute and #Champagne Toast to #LosDon for sharing the love throughout the day; and during the video shoot. Much love ❤

#OralSex speaks that same kind of language…it can’t be rushed as it must be savored so that you can achieve your orgasmic, yet explosive, climatic sexual celebration. It takes time, preparation, preparation and execution. Keep an eye on Los Don, with those sexy damn, suckable lips; harmonizing and grooving in your ears and atmosphere.

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Remember, this is going to be an #ORGASMIC Year!!!


#Kudos to my 42.5K Viewers, and 25.6K Visitors who was #Brave, authentic, and open minded from the very beginning offering your support of my #OralSex Blog about the #Joys, #Pleasures, and Rewards of Oral Sex.

Champagne Bottle erotic 1.20.16

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Knowing that OralSex is about kissing, foreplay, passion and openly giving sexual pleasures freely for the sake of your partner.  That’s awesome.  You’re not afraid to venture into the wonderful world of oral sex; and the explosive rewards that are for you to have freely.

So, I am asking you this year especially…This is the year to #Focus, Plan and Execute what you are passionate about.  I was passionate about getting Oralicious completed, and it’s a work of art that I am very proud of. Because I conveyed in the simplest of terms; how our bodies are design to enjoy sexual pleasure with what we have…our 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell).

Get on your #Grind, or find a #Hustle, so that you can improve your cash flow,  and achieve and accomplish your dream.  So, stop looking for excuses, or reason’s why you have not started your own business, or bring your idea to fruition.

#Oralicious, is my latest brand that I am very proud of;  which happens to be my #Lipstick brand that I will soon launch. However, I decided to utilize my book to showcase the artistic logo design; and what a winner.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Oralicious is definitely the perfect gift to share with your loved one; and achieve orgasm for sure (OFS) together.



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When I started writing my eBook for Amazon Kindle and compiling information about my topic, oral sex, my initial point of contact and research library was Google.  I was unaware at the time that my topic was forbidden, considered controversial and taboo in the 21st century.  Because, over 1.3 million people Googled the topic “Oral Sex” on a daily basis.

I was excited and thrilled to learn that I had the potential to target an interested audience that I could focus on and bring an amazing, honest tale to about oral sex.  Google has been banned in some Asian countries (and I get it); but for Google to ban me from advertising in the US, on Google AdWords about  Oral Satisfaction, the rewards, joys and rewards of oral sex, is appalling, disappointing and pure bull crap.

I later learned from Google AdWords that there is no such thing as freedom of expression or speech.  Shame on you!!!

I was gung-ho to purchase my first ad and market my eBook to those 1.3 million searchers. But to be told that due to the “nature” of my topic I can only purchase “click” types of marketing is limiting and discriminatory.  Yes, I did get visitors and viewers to my amazing blog, but I was not allowed to advertise or target those 1.3 million searchers because it might offend their partners.  The cost was expensive and totally a waste of time and money, anyway.

Google, oral sex is about release and enlightenment, not control.
Google, you are now inducted into the Assholism Hall of Fame!

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