Adina Howard voice has always had the ability to stimulate your sexual core with her electrifying voice, and sexiness. It was time to reblog for you to enjoy. Also, enjoy Tatiana’s latest book Oralicious – The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy and Passion. Happy Holiday!!!

Oral Satisfaction

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Staying butt naked is definitely music to my ears, and soothing to my eyes.  Sexy Adina Howard always sings in a sultry, seductive manner that will bring a dead man back to life.  Her soulful, alluring voice is baby-making music.

I love how she sings about the beauty seen in front of her, as her sexual energy is feeding off of her delight for the body.Ms. Howard knows how to love on and appreciate the true essence of a beautiful-ass, delectable male body (Just look at hers!).  ;o)  Hot!!!

It’s so perfect tonight
You and me alone, stay naked
Come here, stay butt naked

I’m sitting here lookin’ at your body
Baby, baby, baby
I’ve never seen something so beautiful here
Lately, lately, lately
I love the way the candles are bringing out your skin tone
Baby, baby, baby
Don’t ever put your clothes on…

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