#OralSex is still taboo in the 21st Century. Read more about it in Tatiana’s latest new book, Oralicious

Oral Satisfaction

I was right all along, in that oral sex is not just about sex but a very intimate, passionate sexual act that should be respected. Sex is sex, but oral sex (a blow job or a little cunnilingus) is deeply personal and an awesome expression of sexuality.

P-Squared Poem Image 5.13.14 Blog


I am not ashamed of my weakness

My Passion for the Pussy

As I can’t live without it

I tried to ignore my burning desire

The hunger deep within

But the addiction festers

As my Passion for it always wins

I want to cure this sickness.

As I wish that it was…heroin, weed or coke

 Because of it I am broke.

She smells my pheromones, a mile away…

I try to escape but my pride gets in the way.

She laughs and walks toward me… and I back away.

She calls my name that drives me insane.

 It’s my fucking Passion that…

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