“You should never be an offense to anyone… if her behavior was inappropriate, and In-N-Out Burger takes this to the Supreme Court… at least Judge Ginsburg will probably get a rise out of this…” -TMZ

What I #LOVE about America is that people have the right to express themselves freely even if it happens to offend someone else. Take Abigail Ratchford, who is burning up the airwaves and trending with this latest stunt, is giving stupid In-N-Out Burger free publicity and they are annoyed. They are actually appalled by the video and have asked her to take it down.

Harvey Levin of TMZ said that they can’t touch her because she was not contracted and it’s freedom of expression.



Abigail Ratchford’s milkshake dripping, booby bouncing homage to In-N-Out ain’t bringing the burger joint’s execs to the yard — they’re demanding she take down her viral video … or else. In-N-Out lawyers fired off a letter sent to the model’s producer, Liverichmedia … saying they’ve been flooded with complaints over a video posted last month showing Abby in ‘various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food.'”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2016/04/12/abigail-ratchford-in-n-out-video/#ixzz45iWOdPGx

Who is Abigail Ratchford

“Abigail Ratchford, born in Pennsylvania, is an American model and aspiring actress known for taking the Internet by storm in 2013. Abigail’s deft use of social media, combined with the provocative pictures showcasing the brunette’s 36DD-24-36 frame, proved a winning combination. This formula helped land her on numerous men’s websites, a six page print spread in a popular Australian men’s magazine, and also led to her being selected to audition for parts in Maxim, a feature film, and television shows found on ABC and E! Networks.”

Well, Abby, thank you for contributing and showing the world that #Sex still matters, #OralSex is still alive and thriving, and that people are still very much interested and have a hearty appetite about anything that is #sexually suggestive!! Daah!!

#Oral #Oralsex #Pussy #Blowjob #AbigailRatchford



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