Your body and lips are not the enemy… it’s your mind that will play tricks on you.



Apparently, Pat Robertson, who is an American media mogul, executive chairman, and a former Southern Baptist minister–who generally supports conservative Christian ideals and is the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network–commented on Oral Sex.

I have come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of God implementing #Love into the mixture of #Life was to add balance to the world. It makes perfect sense. From the ages of time, there have been evil assholes disrupting, causing mayhem, and destroying God’s earth. Love is the only thing that brings about order, tranquility, and peace.

Oral sex is like adding peace and tranquility to your marriage or relationship. Everything in life has to stay relevant–even sex. During the Leave It to Beaver era, married couples did not share the same bed, but slept in twin beds. Now, fast forward to today; it’s okay to take naked #SELFIES; just ask Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski.

Today’s culture has gone beyond the simple, common, missionary-style sex position. Sex has evolved; where ‘tweens are now giving blow jobs, the Swingers’ community is growing fast, monogamous relationships are becoming a thing of the past, commitment in relationships is becoming a foreign concept, and of course divorce is the norm.

So, kudos to Pat Robertson for staying current and relevant with the times. Couples who are sticking with the “old” and boring missionary routine will become bored, which will fuel that wanderlust gene that we all do possess.

If a #Kiss can ignite sexual arousal because of the sensitive nerves that lips have–not to mention, its very important and vital status at the start of sex–you can imagine what those amazing lips can do to the rest of your soft, supple body.



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