“Oral Sex declares Piers Morgan as the British Idiot who hates on hot sex that’s trending now.”


REALLY?! Thanks Kim for giving Piers the finger because it was warranted. Yes, we still live in a society where women can’t do what men do because it’s frowned upon. But, Pussy rules, and women are capitalizing even more on their sexual attributes. Shit, Wall Street collapsed at the helm of men running and ruling the banking industry and market; just watch The Big Short. What was their punishment? More BIG bonuses at the expense of hard working Tax Payers!!! Regardless of a woman’s methodology in building her own wealth, who the fuck are you to judge her?! They, unlike some Wall Street douches, are getting the job done!! So, STOP JUDGING, Piers Morgan, as it is so unattractive for a cute dude such as yourself.


“Sex is not about Sex, but Power.”

Men have always ruled with their dicks, egos, and pride and continue to thrive. Sex sells, it’s powerful and its profitable; just look at the porn industry. And who has not contributed to that industry? Our society is narcissistic in every vein. Every commercial or ad features a “9” or a “10”, i.e., a very attractive and beautiful person. So “Piers Morgan Declaring that Feminism Dead Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s Boobs” is just being an A-hole Jerk whose British elitism was offended… Dude, you’re in America and continue to enjoy your financial residuals in our backyard. By attacking Kim Kardashian, maybe you strategically did this to add to your relevance? It’s a possibility… Since your #StupidAssRant and ill-favored tweet about her, your name is relevant again. Instead of attacking her, you should be thanking her, Sir A-Hole.

Great job, Kim, for being the architect of your awesome life, and calling all the shots!!

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