“Girl, you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself!”

I love #ChanningTatum! He is a versatile actor who is always daring and inventive in whatever role he plays, which proves how exceptional his acting abilities are. Recently, I came across this video and had to share it, because the mouth action was phenomenal, decadent, and a sure winner! Not to mention, his surprise guest–you guessed it–the #QueenB herself: Beyonce. If you are not paying close attention to his lips, you might actually believe that he is singing this monumental hit by #Beyonce.

#Oralsex is an exercise in lip syncing, too, because your lips are playing an orchestra along with your partner’s genitals, which will bring you ever-lasting pleasure. You are on stage, preparing, not second guessing what your talent is all about. Au contraire, you know that you are about to kill this performance, because you want an encore, even a round of applause, but, most importantly, you want a repeat performance!! Watch the video closely, because Tatum became Queen B for a second. He was focused, serious about his performance, and definitely wanted to deliver a knock-out punch; and that he did.

Approach oral sex with your partner with passion, conviction, and purpose; so that when you are done with your outstanding performance, they are begging you to stay and get it on again. Men, if you are uncomfortable performing oral sex on your partner, take just one moment to really consider and truly see the beauty in her lotus flower. It is the same lotus flower that gives you incredible pleasure that you can’t live without. Picture this: the same pleasure that you get when she sucks your dick, multiply that by a million, and that is the pleasure you could be giving her. Then, imagine a juicy pussy that is tight from orgasms–that could choking your dick into orgasmic submission. But first, you (and your mouth!) have to get her there.

And Ladies, Darlings, Princesses, we have discussed knowing your power when sucking a mean dick! It gives you autonomy in the bedroom when it comes to pleasing men and their dicks. Most men will lose their damn mind over a woman, generally having been pussy whipped, when a woman takes some control in the bedroom–but they will never disclose that private and very personal secret because of their pride. So, let’s focus, during sex or love making, you are both butt naked, on equal playing fields, let’s say, so, inhibitions should go out the window. Relax, focus on your partner, and give an Oscar-winning performance that he will remember for life. I am aware that many women are not open about oral sex like Amy and I are; I get it. But men love it, and they are vocal about it, and you want to find ways to keep their attention focused on you and not wander. Because, as my Grams used to say, “what you have between your legs has started wars and bought down the White House.”

So make sure that you practice getting your “lip sync”on with your partner, and I can guarantee you that all the parties who are involved will be satisfied and waiting for the next go round!!

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