Watch in this video how Jimi uses his delicious, sexy, full tongue simulating orally making love to his guitar…

In this rare video, which captures this masterful guitarist performing one of his greatest hits, and can’t help but get caught up in space along with Jimi; floating with his incredible passion that will take you higher. Listen… Jimi starts off teasing you with quick glimpse of his dimples, a direct, yet subtle kiss that starts your juices flowing freely. As he strokes his guitar, you become one with him as the pulsating sound lingers in the air around you. Jimi’s playing is so intense and filled with emotion that you don’t want this moment to end. Because the ride is tantalizing, deep with a penetrating thrust like endless sex.

When oral sex is good, you never want it to end because it takes you on an unforgettable journey of pure, relentless, great damn sex. And the way that Jimi plays this song, it is like an orgasm waiting to happen. He builds you, and builds you, and builds you until you can’t take it any more and you burst into his loving fingers; imagine that he strokes, caresses and fingers you just the same as his guitar, and all you can do is surrender to the ecstasy.


The art of oral sex is to enjoy it with no inhibitions, no restrictions, and pure freedom. Maybe after we fuck, lick, and suck one another maybe we can share your delectable sperm?


It’s my all time favorite, delicious and high in protein.

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