I give you permission to Kiss my Ass!!!

I find it interesting that in this Life society is still very sexist when it comes to women. I will desperately try to curve my disgust with the latest bullshit that I recently read. (Thank YOU, Journal of the American Medical Association!!) It appears that men can now potentially contract cancer in the mouth by eating a woman’s pussy. REALLY?! The report, oddly enough, ONLY focused on the results FOR MEN and failed to look into the result for women who, apparently, have never come across ANY PROBLEMS after sucking dick for the past million of years. Thank you, Human Papillomavirus (HPV)!!

Romans, during Caesar’s reign, were sucking dicks for centuries and no one ever came to the conclusion that you can get cancer from having oral sex. But now that women want to enjoy the same type of sexual gratification like men; oh, now it’s a problem. SERIOUSLY?!

Don’t piss me off or, worse, “Piss on my brain and tell me it’s raining…” (A classic quote from my mother.) The day that I give it good to my man, and he does not return the “oral sex” favor to me, I am ending that date before the check gets to the table–if you know what I mean. In my world, it’s required and you should probably be good at it; especially, at this point in my life.

I suck a mean dick, and I love sucking dick–enjoy it immensely, on so many levels. Once it does satisfy and I can see that it gives my partner unadulterated pleasure, it turns me the fuck on because I got him in the required state of vulnerability. LOVE IT, and so does he. Scientists, Congress, and any other Assholes who know nothing about sexual pleasure, sexual gratification, and the joys, wonders, and rewards of Oral Sex need to stay in their boring ass, sexless lanes and focus on improving our Ozone Layer.


Source: WowGirls.com

Fine, don’t eat my delicious, haunting, addictive, and desirable pussy; especially, if you’re going to believe the hype. Don’t think or believe for one minute that I will not find a way to have an OFS (Orgasm For Sure). Pay close attention, because women are very resourceful…

Hope you’ll have a #MindfulMonday and a #HappyMonday!!

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