What man do you know, don’t like having his dick sucked? Do, tell lies!

It’s official; science has proven that “Women are twice as likely to go down on their partners as men,” according to a study in the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. I am not surprised, which also influenced me writing my eBook, Oral Satisfaction.

However, there is still a divide in that some don’t like performing oral sex, but certainly enjoy it and want to receive it…

About 26% of women performed oral on their partners – compared with a measly 10% of men.

So, apparently some men actually think that women don’t want to have their pussies sucked or licked for taste during sex. And, somehow, mentally conceive that they are the only ones wanting to have and experience pleasure?! I guarantee you that if any one of those couples had read my eBook, both sides would have walked away with a greater knowledge of how to share and mutually enjoy guaranteed orgasms with oral satisfaction!! And those percentages would have been 100%!!

In my opinion, the poor “28% of women [, of the 26% who performed, who] claimed to actually enjoy the act” simply have not opened their minds to allow themselves to explore their fantasies or get in touch with their sexuality. They may even reserve “her man” as the only one who should enjoy sex. On the other hand, “52% of men enjoy it (despite the fact they’re not really doing it).” It seems to me that the men who responded may like the idea of performing orally for their partners rather than actually performing the act; something of a double standard, if you ask me, which tends to stem from the misogynist mindset that women don’t deserve to have sexual arousal or orgasm like men during the sex act.

Remember, fellas, when you take exceptional care of a woman’s body; the way that she sucks your dick will never be the same. She will worship your dick, love on your dick, and nurture your dick… BUT… It will only match the worship of, love of, and nurturing of her pussy that you offer–think of it as giving the same respect and love to her pussy that you give to your most prized possession, like your favorite sports team.

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