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How would you define intimacy? An experience (a conversation, sex, etc.) between two people who are comfortable in showing their true self, leaving inhibitions behind? defines intimacy as “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group; or a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.”

Now, let’s put this into perspective for when it comes to initiating intimate sex between two consenting adults by embracing oral sex. Some people get turned on by just the smell of their loved one near them; or, how they look at the given moment can stir their sexual appetites. So, imagine all the ingredients that can go into the “intimacy and love-making mixing bowl.”

Start with All of your 5 Senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch

My all-time favorite, of course, is touch, and the reason for this is because, from my perspective, it’s the game-starter, the beginning of sex. Hello, KISSING!! Our warm, luscious, and delectable LIPS were designed to give AWESOME pleasure, anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Our mouth, lips, and tongue work seamlessly together to give unadulterated pleasure. The sensitive nerves surrounding our lips help us get sexually aroused, and ready to get busy.

Kissing is so vital to the intimate act of sex, because it has the potential power of giving pleasure all over your body; so, we all hope. A passionate, loving kiss will make you want to have your entire body caressed, touched and tasted. And, with the likes of a sensuous, generous mouth and lips you can be sent out to orbit and come back fueled with pure sexual delight. This is a promise, but it starts with you being open and willing to enjoying, giving, and receiving pleasure on this level. No inhibitions are allowed; if they exist, it’s ok. Your partner will take a moment to kiss you, then whisper in your ear, “Relax, and just let go . . . because I am here to take exceptional care of you.”

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

When mastered and performed with passion, KISSING is a sure winner, sure to bring the fire to your “intimacy love fest” because it also jump-starts your four remaining senses for your Pleasure Journey: Sight, Sound, Smell, and Taste.

Remember this the next time you crave the intimate act of sexual pleasure, keep passionate, loving KISSING at the forefront. If you ever meet a person who can’t kiss, be kind and only offer instructions or lessons in the most diplomatic of ways. A person’s feelings could be hurt, but this is good to know because, in the end, any improvement will pay off and turn their sex life around for sure.

5 Senses Kissing Lesson: Unsure how to start or begin? It may seem strange at first, but just go with me here. Pick up a piece of your favorite fruit, like a peach, apple, orange, or pear. First, look at the beauty of the fruit, take in its color and the texture of its peel. Second, use the tips of your fingers to explore the skin or peel, its stem, if there is one. Is the peel rough; is the skin smooth? Really use your hands to explore the entire piece of fruit. Third, hold the fruit up to your nose, and take a deep breath in. Break the fruit open or slice it at this point. If you chose an orange, you may see juice spray or smell the citrusy aroma in its peel. Now, take a slice of your fruit and place it in your mouth. Think about it like the beginnings of a slow kiss. Use your tongue and teeth to “caress” the fruit (Told ya to stay with me. It pays off!), add some passion, love, tongue, but really let your mouth caress the fruit until you get turned on. When you feel comfortable, take a bite out of the fruit and savor the delicious taste.

That feeling, replicating that feeling is how you should think about your sexual partner’s lips (of course, only nibble on the lips); using your imagination here will ultimately please both of you. In other words, when you are kissing on your partner, and you feel the heat rising, and you are both getting sexually charged up… don’t be afraid to step up the passion. Enjoy the art of loving and giving pleasure because it will come back to you for sure!

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