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The Late Show!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I am a fan and dedicated watcher of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, because it guarantees me an LOL every time. He is simply the funniest man alive, who generally doesn’t give a crap about stupid shit or hatred just because.

His opening monologues are imbedded with passion and satire; they are typically overt and deliberate at times. And, I’m glad to see that CBS has embraced his hilarious candor; making him a huge success on the late night circuit.

The other night he took a journey to New Orleans to meet Jon Batiste, the ever so talented, young musical director who graduated from Julliard to meet Jon’s high school jazz piano instructor, Mr. Mike Pellera to get an inside look about jazz and Jon’s love for it. After Stephen promoted and gave a shout-out to Jon and his Stay Human Band’s album drop date, Stephen felt that he was ready to perform with Jon and the band.

What I love about the video are the underlying, hidden sexual undertones that Stephen shared with the world to see. It was hilarious and definitely sexually suggestive, which inspired me to write today’s post.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Watch and LYAO (laugh your ass off). At the start, Stephen gets into the rhythm comfortably (like the start of sex) giving Jon direction on proper cue; he licks his lips making them juicy and ready to love on the trumpet. Oral sex gets you ready by helping your juices flow freely, which makes you ready for the climb of excitement! Stephen’s lips do not hold back, but become one with the trumpet, loving on the trumpet, enjoying every moment… Oral sex does the same thing! Once you’re in the act of oral sex, there is no turning back because the passion drives you headfirst into something wonderful!

Even though Stephen was having fun, he does take your mind to the joys of oral sex. His actions were very suggestive and somewhat instructive for how your mouth and tongue should function on a phallic object. Kudos to Stephen Colbert for showing the fun in Oral Satisfaction by having fun “performing love” on the trumpet.

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