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Yesterday, on The Real during “GirlChat” the hosts and special guest Candis Cayne were discussing faking the Big O. Candis Cayne, Caitlyn Jenner’s new friend, said she has faked the Big O. Tamera excused everyone of faking it once, and Adrienne was like not me!! “I keep it real. Because every time you allow the fake, you are not being honest and he will keep on doing it, going on, and on. Stop the madness, tell the truth.”

My very first internal orgasm was at the age of 29, and my partner at the time walked me through it. And it was simply amazing. We definitely started out with kissing, of course, and moved on to Foreplay. I have always talked about foreplay, which is one of the vital components of achieving an OFS.

Rushy, rushy, rushy sex is dead sex, and only one person will climax, and generally it’s not her.

My sexual partner took Foreplay to an entirely different level, which had my Pink Ice juicier than before. My lips were swollen, and at the slightest touch I was ready to burst. That’s good foreplay, and on top of that, he enjoyed eating my pussy, but stopped because he did not want me to climax yet (I was about to). What a guy!!! Rest in peace, Babe!

When he entered me, I was in heaven because the passion was turned on to 1,000 degrees; the chemistry was boiling over, and he was taking his time and was talking so soft and slowly in my ear about “concentrating” on what I was feeling. His penis was feeling so amazingly delightful that I was shocked at myself for enjoying the dick so much. He said to me, “Allow your mind to enjoy and absorb the moment, feel it all, smell it, embrace it, and taste it, and most importantly see it.” All of my five senses were at work and my biggest sexual organ (my mind) was there, as well.

He took me to a place that was mind-blowing, and I honestly enjoyed sex for the first time because my climax was a priority, and it was sensational! Men, trust me, women want to climax just like you, and as powerfully, too! But they may need you to coach and direct them. You’ve got this and can do it. And yes, women, you need to play your part and speak up, as well. Comfort and confidence is just as sexy (and necessary) in the bedroom as passion and foreplay!

Nilanti Narain/Source: Flikr

Nilanti Narain/Source: Flikr

…Because how will your lover ever know what you like or want, especially when he doesn’t know if you are faking it?

Ten Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms
1. Time is of the Essence
2. The Truth might shatter his Ego
3. She is too embarrassed to tell the truth
4. She thinks men want to hear the sound, like a porn star
5. It happened the first time
6. He got an “A” for effort
7. All she wants to do is please him
8. Bad timing, not in the mood
9. Just too long
10. Some men may not handle the Truth

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