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Source: Pinterest

It seems Oral Sex is taking a back seat to the newest 21st century trend: Anal Sex, and it’s rising on a strong upward stream. Even though Oral Sex is being shielded by a superficial “taboo” façade; Anal is stepping into the limelight. Oral sex is still considered the elephant in the room as many shy away from talking openly about it. Network television forbids the mere mention of the words “oral sex” on air, and just try to imagine it in public conversations or at dinner parties!

But, there’s a knock at the back door. Knock, knock…
“Who is it?” I asked.
“Anal Sex,” was the bold reply.

Apparently, it’s the “it” thing and many are doing it. Why the phenom?

There are a few possible factors: (1) For men and women the anus is near the G-spot that, when stimulated, may cause an orgasm; (2) The ass and sphincter, like the vagina or penis, have very sensitive nerves, but also tight muscles that don’t easily expand to grip the dick pleasantly (for some). Personally, I have no desire to do it. However, I do applaud those of you who do, and wish you all the sexual joy in this act; it’s just not for me. My juicy pussy is enough, and I love choking the dick with my Kegel muscles until he cries and begs for mercy.

When I was 18, my first husband asked me, and I did try it. But it was too painful and felt truly unnatural to me. Fast forward, when other lovers asked for anal, I would answer, “Sure, when you let me fuck you in your ass.” My partner would be shocked and appalled at such a response. What nerve?! In complete darkness, what’s the difference between my ass and yours?

Just like we need to advocate for more oral sex awareness, Adina Rivers from YouTube is taking up the anal sex torch. Check out her video, which has racked up over 1 million views, here:

“Anal Sex 101: For Evolved People”

Listen, whatever floats your boat and brings you joy…I say go for it! Just use caution when taking part in anal play. Be sure that you’re using a condom, as STDs can be transferred anally, and take extra care if you’re immediately transferring from anal sex to vaginal penetration (or, “truffle butter”). Again, I prefer sucking dick, practicing my “deep throat” skills, and having my pussy licked. Actually, I don’t mind it when he sticks his tongue or finger in my ass that does feel sensational, which also helps me achieve an OFS (Orgasm For Sure).

Original Comic Source: VectorBelly on Tumblr

Original Comic Source: VectorBelly on Tumblr

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