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Oral Satisfaction

And she’s an EX girlfriend!

Did you miss Day 11?

Oh my God!!! Please tell me this is not happening; that this woman is unbelievable, fucking the shit out of me and I am truly enjoying it.

Noel and Autumn got so lost in one another that they found their way into a missionary position; kissing fervently and uncontrollably climaxing over and over again. Noel was swept up in the memories of their first time, and Autumn was reaping the benefits right there in the hotel room.

Minutes later, Noel asked Autumn to marry him and gave her a four-carat diamond canary ring. He knew he had never connected with anyone of this caliber, who accepted his other side. Because her penis was not massive, the perfect fit, it felt so natural, completely connected, and they climaxed again, together.

She kissed Noel lightly on his lips and thanked him…

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