Ladies…are you standing under the mistletoe? If so, I will kiss you from head to toe with passion and vigor.

Oral Satisfaction

Source: “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

Did you miss Day 8?

I have yet to meet the pussy that can handle this beautiful dick, and I pray that Autumn is the woman who can handle it. Autumn is bi-racial, just like Noel. Her mom is Black, and Dad is Italian. His Dad was black, and mom is Italian. They both speak Italian, French, English, and Spanish fluently. They are both very sexual and believe in going deep, where there are never any inhibitions ever!

What Noel loves about Autumn is that she actually paid attention to the details on every photo shoot. She was genuinely a pure sweetheart, professional, and an amazing stylist/makeup artist to the stars. He had no idea what she was hiding about her sexuality, as he was with his. He is bisexual and hopes Autumn is, too.

He remembered a day when Autumn slept over after…

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