Mmm, can I taste Rudolph…?

Oral Satisfaction

Did you miss Day 7?

Noel’s manhood was begging him to please introduce her to his hard Rock of Gibraltar. He thought to himself, Trust me, I crave to be inside of her as she is definitely a keeper. But he knew the time was not right because he wanted to draw her in. It’s only been six months, and he was ready to pop the question. She was his dream fantasy: blond, big real perky tits, a Black sistah’s ass and lips.

My kind of mama, he chuckled to himself, feisty and loving like a sistah’s. And she has a penis that he secretly craved in his mouth and ass. He was not letting her go. Most women don’t hang around because his dick is massively huge, and they can’t handle it (14 inches long and 12 inches in diameter). But one of his special talents is…

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