Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa said that I was a VERY good little Elf!

Oral Satisfaction

Source: Priscilla Evette on DynastySeries.com

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Sophia and Sasha moved Autumn onto the massage table and focused on her four-handed massage. They took their time removing all the knots hidden underneath her body tissue. After Autumn’s body went limp from the deep-tissue massage, the fun began. They moved her to the couch, and they made love for two more hours. Sasha made love to her penis going back and forth to her pussy, enjoying the new-found experience.

Sophia enjoyed kissing Autumn, as she, too, enjoyed her full lips, while Sasha rode her dick. They sucked on her tits and fingered her ass. She, too, squirted from delight and they fingered her with her pussy juices. It was Autumn’s turn to taste Sophia’s pussy. Autumn pushed her onto the couch, spread her legs wide and stuck her tongue deep inside Sophia’s pussy, while Sasha’s tongue was…

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