Santa, want to join me in the Hot Tub??

Oral Satisfaction

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Did you miss Day 3?

Autumn telephoned the concierge and made a reservation for a four-handed reflexology, aromatherapy message that could be scheduled immediately.   She ran over to Noel, kissed him firmly on the lips, grabbed her belongings and headed to the Cascade Spa.  As she entered, her hormones were blazing and she needed to fuck in the worst way.  She truly missed having her pussy eaten, fucked and sucked by trusted friends who were eager and interested in doing her a solid with their manhood inside her aching, waiting pussy.  Autumn wanted to fuck now, and in a minute, it would be with whomever. She loved to fuck, have oral and anal sex on a continuous basis, and climax daily.  However, since she met Noel she had shut down her sex escapades because Autumn only desires Noel.  But, shit, how long does she have to wait…

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